NEW Comedy from Buffalo Filmmakers - Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp in Western New York

NEW Comedy from Buffalo Filmmakers - Indie Filmmaker 
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Sebastiano Poses with a Beautiful Chicken

Boot Camp in Western New York

Excited Buffalo filmmakers are getting together this summer to put together a crazy comedy in just FIVE WEEKS! Yes, FIVE WEEKS! In the first week cast/crew came up with a new script, all birthed from crazy ideas that we came up with while sitting upstairs at the Amherst Wegmen's (until they kicked us out!).

Week 2 of the Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp, run by award-winning composer and sci-fi fan Sabrina Peña Young, preproduction plans were made at a house. Note: No chickens were hurt during the making of this film! 

Now it's on to production for the next three Fridays. A crew of about fifteen filmmakers, actors, musicians, and writers will try to create an exciting...a COMPELLING, and AMAZING Comedy with essentially six hours (maybe seven) of filming time. 

from Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp in Buffalo

Interested in being a part of the craziness? The Next Indie Filmmaker Boot Camps in Buffalo will be in September and January. SUBSCRIBE to keep updated with the latest!

Cast and Crew meet outside for a preproduction meeting.


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