Kid Friendly Family Films today Sunday November 4 at 11AM at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

kid friendly filmsKid Friendly Family Films today Sunday November 4 at 11AM at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Our muti-genre fest will run Fri Nov. 2nd - Thurs Nov. 8th at Dipson Theatres' Eastern Hills Cinema, located in the Eastern Hills Mall, 4545 Tansit Road.Seven days, 102 films!


Sunday, Nov. 4th

11:30 pm Block 11 Family Films (60 mins)

The Girl Who Talks to the Moon (Canada, animated, 6 mins)
The Friend (WNY/Young student, 6 mins)
Lily Goes Fishing (USA/Young Student, 18 mins)
The Hood (WNY/Young Student, 15 mins)

More Films!

12:45 pm Block 12 Murder In High Heels (Canada, Noir, 63 mins)
USA Premiere of Brett Kelly's loving tribute to classic film noirs. Q&A.
Shorts: New York Song Series (18 mins)
2:45 pm Block 13 Batraticus (USA, Comedy/Horror, 80 mins)
Camp comedy about a Bronx community facing a zombie outbreak and a giant,
mutated bat-rat hybrid. Q&A with writer-director Jerry Landi.
Short: Pumpkin Bitch (WNY, Horror, 11 mins)
5:00 pm Dreamer Awards Presentation in the WBBZ TV Studio, free to the public. Hosted by Kim Piazza and Constance Mae Caldwell.
5:00 pm Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart
(USA, Offbeat Comedy/Drama/Thriller, 72 mins)
Don't want to watch the Dreamer Awards? Then check out this unique
film from writer-director Mickey Reece, which screens again Thursday
afternoon. Newlyweds David and Madeline Middleston have just purchased a historic hotel near the town where Madeline's estranged mother Dianne resides. When Dianne comes to visit, she brings with her an uninvited guest. This surreal story builds to a shuddering climax.

7:00 pm Block 14 Red Spring (Canada, Action/Horror, 1 hr 45 mins)
Action packed supernatural yarn about a small band of survivors battling
a horde of vampires that has overrun the planet. Q&A with writer-director
Jeff Sinesac, who also stars.
Short: Ernesto - (WNY, Science Fiction/Horror, 11 mins) World Premiere
of a short film by local filmmaker Rick Masi.
9:30 pm Block 15 WTF: Framed (Spain, Horror, 80 mins)
Extremely violent and gory film combining the home invasion and found
footage genres, in a story reminiscent of The Purge.
Short: Pappy's World (CNY, Horror, 8 mins)
Short: The Devil’s Due (Canada, Horror/Comedy, 4 mins)


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