New Music Singing and Science: Busting Myths with Musician Allan Hubert-Wright

Singing and Science: Busting Myths with Allan Hubert-Wright

Today we’re joined by Allan Hubert-Wright, the founder of Le Chanteur Moderne, one of the most respected voice training institutes in France, and one which is remarkable for using modern voice science to help singers and singing teachers be more effective by leveraging what we actually know about the human voice. He is also the director of the voice department at the prestigious IFPRO performing arts school in Paris and conducts ongoing research into vocal function. We recently had the chance to see Allan give a presentation, and we came away determined to have him on the show, because he shares the kinds of thing that can save years of frustration, confusion and wasted effort. So whether you don’t sing at all yet, you’re at the beginning of learning to sing, or you’ve been singing for years, you’re going to want to pay attention! In this conversation we talk about: - Why being told he was a bad singer as a child didn’t hold him back - How he helped one singer finally find her own authentic voice after years of imitating various singers and styles - And we bust three big myths in singing: about breathing and support, about what to eat and drink, and about how to correctly produce vowel sounds. This conversation was such a pleasure and we know it’s going to be an enlightening one for any of you listening who sing or who would like to – but find some of the teaching a bit confusing.


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