NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Film Music, Audiomine, Opera, and More Music

This summer has been busy with music and traveling fun. Check out updates on this summer's music projects:

MONICA by Rob Cabrera
Rob Cabrera's animated short Monica is set for release in 2013. Already an award-winner, Monica promises to be an exciting adventure for kids and grown-ups alike! Creating the fun and quirky cartoon sci-fi inspired score was a fun challenge. Taking inspiration from sources as varied as Marvel movie scores, Japanese pop, and Bernard Hermann, I enjoyed creating a memorable electronic score. Even my daughter had a chance to take part when I dubbed her high-pitched "Monica" over the title screen. Keep an eye out for Monica.

AMERICANA by Sean Fleck
Imagine having an eagle's eye view of America with incredible timelapse footage. Clouds roll away, the desert beckons, the lights of the city become dizzying...all this and more is what you will experience with Sean Fleck's work Americana, now available online.

This summer I enjoyed giving the talk "Tech-Nerds: Contemporary Composition in the Digital Age", a lecture focusing on the use of social networking, internet technology, and collaborative projects. During the lecture, I also focused on the collaborative efforts of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, including discussions on how I used internet sites like Music Xray and Wreckamovie to find amazing talent throughout the US and beyond. This talk was part of the annual symposium event hosted by the Oklahoma Composer's Association.  

Over the summer TERZ, an international online music magazine published my article Women in Sound Art: 7 Musical Micro-Portraits.  This article gives a brief outline of seven women working in electronic music and sound art. Narrowing down the scope of the article was difficult, as there are so many talented women that are involved in sound art. For this article I chose seven women who represented sound art and electronic music in a variety of interesting ways, each one was somewhat different in her approach to composition and each primarily works with technology. The composers discussed include Pauline Oliveros, Maggi Payne, Alice Shields, Adina Izarra, Brenda Hutchinson, Annea Lockwood, and Elainie Lillios. All have made significant contributions to the field. Many of the composers participated in an interview, which brought an extra level of depth and understanding to each composer's work. Needless to say, this article is an excellent resource for both the music lover and the academic.

This summer Audiomine published over 100 of my tracks, ranging from symphonic to sci-fi to corporate as part of their extensive catalog. Audiomine is a custom music provider for film, TV, and commercials. As one of Audiomine's exclusive composers, I will be working on adding a significant body of commercial music and film music for film/TV this fall. Clients interested in hiring me for their film or licensing my music for their projects can contact Audiomine.

This summer I published the ebook Modern Ear Training with Garageband, Audacity, and Noteflight, part of a new ear training ebook series from Easy Ear Modern Ear Training provides an easy way to develop ear training skills using popular music programs like Garageband and Audacity. Modern Ear Training is one of Amazon's top new releases in technology education.

I will have to add a separate post on music production for Libertaria later this month. We are wrapping up music production. Libertaria is nothing without the talent of our cast and crew. Leads Kate Sikora, Gretchen Suarez-Pena, Matthew Meadows, and Perry Cook have all dedicated a significant amount of time to the project, as well as cast members Jennifer Hermansky, Alan Manuel Pena, and Gracia Gillund. Music Advisor Dr. Clare Shore will be hosting the premier event in South Florida in October 2013. As we wind down music production, animation production begins, with talents like Caroline Damien and Lucinda McNary, among many others. More on Libertaria soon!


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