NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Opera Updates: Libertaria Sci-Fi Novel, Free Opera DVDs, Animation Updates

Libertaria The Virtual Opera Movie Poster
Modern Opera Libertaria Movie Poster
The modern opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is currently in the animation production phase after over a year in music production. The opera cast members, including the diverse talents of Matthew Meadows, Kate Sikora, Perry Cook, and Gretchen Suarez-Peña are wrapping up the final numbers for  Libertaria

For those interested in listening and supporting this innovative sci-fi modern opera, you can download a free copy of the Libertaria Instrumental Album at Bandcamp.

Join the almost ten thousand visitors who have checked out free digital copies of opera scores and sketches at Scribd:

As part of the exciting launch of Libertaria in 2013, I am writing the full sci-fi novel version of the screenplay to be released through Amazon Kindle. This exciting movie companion book for the animated modern opera will give an inside look into the exciting world of Libertaria. Covering the back stories of opera characters like Lucinde, Simeon, and Gabe, the companion sci-fi novel opens up the wide fantastical world of a post-USA dystopia set in 2139AD, a world of evil geneticists, age-reversal serums, and singing death scenes (seriously, it IS a modern opera, of course!).

You can become a part of the worldwide opera screening part through the exciting Libertaria Virtual Launch Party, an exciting online event uniting opera fans all over the globe. Sign up for the Virtual Launch Party by e-mailing:

Eligible opera fans will receive a free complimentary Libertaria Press Packet and DVD at the completion of the animated film. Keep tuned for an upcoming Opera Contest for free Libertaria merch! 

The Animation Team for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is headed by Art Director Caroline Damian, Lead Animator Lucinda McNary, and Animator/Lip Sync Kera Hildebrandt. This sci-fi modern opera uses the machinima program Moviestorm for its animation, combining graphic novel style with video game type animation. 

More updates on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera are coming soon! 

Don't forget to sign up for the Virtual Launch Party and share the music from Libertaria! 

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