NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Christmas Special: Free Kindle Download Short Story

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I hope that you are enjoying a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah this year with your family and friends! 

Christmas Kindle Specials 

Free December 24-25

Reader Comments:
"Stunning Talent"
"This will take you where you don't want to go. It'll be fast but you won't forget it right away. Heavy hitting. Ugly. Emotional. And all I can think of at this moment is another winter's coming."

Cocoon (2001) Short Story

Compelling short story. Opening the door to a crack addict on a freezing winter's night leads to a dizzying series of events and the most chilling questions about charity, humanity, and the soul in Sabrina Peña Young's controversial short story inspired by the author's true life experiences.

"What are you doing in this part of town, Elma?"
"Jus'ta meet some friends."
Why ask? Sure, friends. Nice friends with nice powders and needles and rocks. Real nice friends who will kill you for a bag of the good stuff. Friends. Kind of how I'm your friend, your supplier, but not drugs, just food, and a ride or two. I'm a supplier, too. 

 Download this short story for free December 24-25
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