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NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Pray for Gray Update: Family Raising $25,000 for 3 yr old's Leukemia Treatment

Hello Everyone! Those of you that regularly stop by my page might remember a post earlier this summer about Pray for Gray. This summer 3 year old Grayson Hand came down with flu-like symptoms.  

What should have just been a case of the sniffles ended up 
being an aggressive form of leukemia. 

 The Hand Family was my husband's family away from home. He and Gray's dad are practically blood brothers. My husband was Nate and Lauren Hand's best man, and Nate Hand was our best man. Gray's grandpa Pastor Pat Hand said a prayer at our wedding. So when we found out about little Gray suffering from Leukemia, it was about family. 

pray for gray
Gray and His Mom Share a Tender Moment
Friends and family are maintaining a Pray for Gray Facebook page. They hope to raise $25,000 towards Gray's chemo (which will top out at $1 million each year for at least three years). Needless to say, the health insurance will not cover all of the treatment. An auction in October will also help raise some funds and the family has a GIVE button on the Pray for Gray Facebook Page.


Normally I write about my latest music projects or my random thoughts on the arts, but really, all that matters little when compared to a little boy's struggle to survive. Currently he is going through chemo and is adjusting to a "new normal" of hospital stays, nausea, and fatigue. Some days are good and some aren't so good.

There are lots of ways to help - Prayer, Donating, Support, Meals, Gas Cards....really, helping out a family in need is really only limited by the imagination. 

Right now the family has the following needs:

1) Prayer that the chemo is working and that Gray has more good days than bad

2) Gas cards (send a message at  Gray's FB page for this type of help)

3) Meals and other direct help if you are in the area (send a message at the Gray's FB page for this type of help)

4) Donating by clicking the GIVE button:

5) Help out with the upcoming October auction by bidding or by donating items for auction
(send a message at  Gray's FB page)

Family and Friends go Bald for Gray
They are looking for corporate sponsors for the auction and for financial help in general. Please contact them through the Pray for Gray Facebook Page if your company would like to help through donating services, products, or donations. 

Thank you again for the prayers and help that everyone has already given to this family. I will be posting periodic updates. The Pray for Gray Facebook page has daily updates. Please take a moment and LIKE the page and share it with others. We can bathe this precious child of God in prayer. 

Thank you again. 

Sabrina Peña Young

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