Top 10 What To Do When You Finish Your First Machinima Opera!

So there aren't many, if any precedents for what to do when you finish your first Machinima
Opera...but hey, I finished editing the last scene this morning, planning on hitting credits and subtitles tonight...then final cut for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be done! Oh...yeah!

So being in an ultimate party mood and feeling like a mountain is lifting that has sat there for the last two and a half years, here is my immediate Top Ten List of what I am doing in celebration of finishing my first feature film! Whooohoo! Party with me, you know you want to!

Top 10 What To Do When You Finish Your First Machinima Opera

1. Pump some seriously annoying Reggaeton Music 
2. Dance like a crazy woman in your dining room in front of your windows so your nosy neighbor across the street will complain to his wife about "young people today..."
3. Proceed to look up every DIY home hair dye job YouTube video you can find
4. Combine a dangerous bleach concoction and apply to hair
5. Resume to dance around the dining room with aluminum foil in your hair
6. Teach your dog how to dance in a conga line (TRUE!)
7. Eat some homemade pizza with your kiddo while watching Netflix Disney sequel and commenting on how you could have done it better
8. Remove aluminum foil (give me 30 min and I will be there)

9. Donut Shop Run!
10. Find the craziest hair color you can find and dye away!  

It's time to party folks! 

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Will be posting the AFTER picture...assuming my hair doesn't fall out!

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