NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

What Everyone is Saying about the Strange Films and Soundtracks of Sabrina Pena Young: Music Review

What Everyone is Saying about the Strange Films of Sabrina Pena Young

Recently Chrissie Caulfield from Radio Free Midwich decided to take on the daunting task of reviewing my recent releases The Futurist Music Anthology: The Electroacoustic Mind of Sabrina Pena Young and Science Fiction & Horror Movie Soundtrack Collection: Strange Films of Sabrina Pena Young by the talented Chrissie Caulfield. 

You will find her writing engaging and will find yourself wanting to find out more not only about the music but about the myriad of references that she uses to describe the decidedly "strange" world of electroacoustic music. Her writing is story-like and takes you on an otherworldly journey.

"In some ways this feels a little like Blade Runner as done by Paul Auster‘Lullaby 1’ is NOT the track to play before going to sleep, you have been warned. Yes, there’s a gentle, almost soothing piano melody but it’s too distorted and fuzzy to allow you to stay calm, and what’s going on behind it will make your skin crawl and your brain play tricks on you all night. ‘Looking Glass’ is that track you wake up to after the five minutes sleep you got following lullaby. In your half-awake state there’s quite a nice harmony going on, but it takes a little while for the Amenità-style vocals to cohere in your head. Even so, there’s something still not quite right, it fades in and out and you’re never quite sure if you’re fully conscious at all. 

When you recover full consciousness you find yourself in ‘World Order #5’ where you’ve been dumped on the bridge of some spaceship escaping from a post-apocalyptic Earth – synthetic voices announcing the populations of countries (spoiler alert again: zero). The computer voices here go on a little bit too long for my attention span. Once those settle down though we end up wandering in deep space in what feels like a rather malfunctioning spacecraft and it gets more interesting again. There are clanks and clicks and you have no idea what’s wrong or whether anyone is going to survive. Is this the end of the human race entirely? From now on, it’s just the robots."  - Chrissie Caulfield

Please enjoy this amazing read. And kudos to the talented Chrissie Caulfield at Radio Free Midwich for taking on the daunting task of contemporary electroacoustic music! 

Please be sure to encourage her and comment on her review, as she has been working on reviewing works of women in music. 


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