NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Top 25 Ways You Know You are a Contemporary Composer

Formidable Composer Eric Whitacre
1. You try to tell the time signature of your blinker as you drive
2. You wonder if Mozart would have Tweeted
3. You ruin movies by complaining about how John Williams steals from Wagner and Stravinsky
4. Your significant other has been relegated to long diatribes about the merits of classical music over pop music
5. Said significant other has also been dragged to numerous classical music concerts, including at least one that involved a laptop or singing robot
6. You can't resist saying "I'll be Bach" when you leave the party
7. You have an appreciation for Schoenberg and Cage that your music ed friends do not understand
8. You ever conducted the radio with a pencil in your car, while driving and drinking a cup of coffee
9. Your children grow up listening to Mozart...AND Stravinsky, Shostakovich, and Mendelssohn
10. You are used to the semi-surprised look of shock when you tell your friends that you are a composer
11. You spent more time practicing and composing than sleeping in the last decade
12. You wonder if you are "selling out" when you accept money for your music, music that you wrote for a commercial about toilet paper
13. You gladly cash the check for the toilet bowl commercial and pat yourself on the back for being a professional
14. You have ever taught music theory or music history on a Burger King salary
15. You have thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers but only your mom shows up to your contemporary music concerts for kazoo and laptop orchestra
16. You have written at least one online film, app or webisode music score
17. You can write lyrics in your sleep
18. You analyze music in your sleep
19. You come up with your greatest musical motifs in your sleep
20. You have over 100 albums out on iTunes but still can't get the local orchestra to premier your work
21. You have ever been a part of a "virtual" music anything

22. Everything you do is tweeted, flickered, instagrammed, FB-ed, snapchatted, etc.
23. You wonder if your music will ever be remembered
24. Your family is in awe at your genius yet wonders why you didn't go into computer science like your brother did
25. You love what you do and you wouldn't change it for anything in the world
Award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young is a foremost expert on Virtual Opera Production and Music Technology. A sought after consultant and speaker in music, arts, and technology, Young continues to push musical boundaries. Critics have called her "Wagner 2.0"and "Talented" with her works presented at Art Basil Miami, the Beijing Conservatory, ICMC, SEAMUS, the NY International Independent Film Festival, Miramax's Project Greenlight, TEDxBuffalo, and countless venues in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.


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