NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Fun & Amazing Art Projects from Haiti : Mermaids, Metal Art

Fun & Amazing Art Projects from Haiti : Mermaids, Metal Art

Teach your children about the island nation of Haiti with these fun and original art projects.

Indigo Haitian Landscape inspired by Haitian Artist Duval-Carrie
Artist Duval-Carrie creates water-inspired works based on his upbringing in the island nation of Haiti, a nation largely dependent on the ocean for its food and commerce. Duval-Carrie's works incorporate water and ocean life. You can see some of his artwork at the Indigo Room or Is Memory Soluable? at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art in South Florida.

What you will need: Light blue large construction paper, white and light blue crayons, crayons in various shades of blue, brushes, and watercolors in various shades of blue and indigo.

1) Draw various mythical and real sea creatures on the paper using white and light blue crayons. Leave room around the edges to create a patterned border.
2) Watercolor the Haitian sea life images. The blue and white crayons will act like a resist, allowing the drawings to show through.
3) After the paint dries, draw patterns inspired by Haitian artist Duval-Carrie.
4) Display the finished paintings tiled on a wall.

Haitian Metal Self-Portrait
Because artists from Haiti do not have easy access to artist materials, they often use whatever is handy to create art. Many artists create beautiful pieces simply using scrap metal and soda can tabs and inexpensive art supplies like sequins. You can create a self-portrait inspired by the work of the Haitian artists.

What you will need: Aluminum foil, glue, permanent markers, sequins, soda can tabs, scissors, pencils, and recycled metal pieces (like paper clips or even metallic colored ribbon).

1) Draw a simple version of your face on the aluminum foil. Cut out the shape of your face.
2) Mold the aluminum foil to fit your features like your nose, ears, or mouth.
3) Glue sequins, metal pieces, and other materials onto the self-portrait. Be creative. For example, you can use metal ribbon or strings of paper clips for your hair or create a mosaic using sequins for your mouth and teeth.

Haitian Mermaid Ornament
Mermaids are often found in the art of Haiti. Sailors traveling to and from the island often mistook the manatee, a sea mammal, for beautiful mermaids and sirens. Merpeople are half fish and half human.

What you will need: Large wooden clothespins, fabric scraps, yarn or pipe cleaners, markers, glue, scissors, miscellaneous craft items (like sequins and ribbons).

1) Draw the face of your mermaid on the round part of the wooden clothespin.
2) Using scissors and fabric scraps, create a mermaid tail out of colorful fabric.
3) Glue the tail to the opened end of the clothespin.
4) Use other fabric pieces and art supplies to decorate the mermaid and create her hair, jewelry, and clothing.
5) Use the yarn to decorate your room or window with the Haitian mermaid ornament.

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