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NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
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Totally Bizarre Celebrity & Music Composer Comparisons: Was Michael Jackson the Reincarnated Mozart?

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Could the King of Pop be the reincarnated Mozart? What is the secret Slayer and Bach connection? Some interesting, if not downright bizarre, musical comparisons have taken place between Michael Jackson and Amadeus Mozart. Yet, there have been a flurry of other celebrity comparison weirdness, from comparing Slayer to J.S. Bach and the guitarist Great Kat claiming to be Beethoven.

Michael Jackson and Mozart
Yes, the King of Pop and the Prince of Classical music had quite a few interesting similarities. Both were child prodigies prodded on by less-than-caring family members. Both seemed to succumb to the infamous child star syndrome, having reached fame and fortune before they were old enough to wear braces. (Okay, Mozart wouldn't have worn braces, but you get the point). Mozart and Jackson seemed to have difficulty adapting to adult life, the one becoming a social embarrassment and the other creating his own kingdom, while becoming a social embarrassment.

Now most classical music critics decide this comparison is garbage based on Mozart's musical superiority compared to Michael's pop tunes, but I want to take it a bit further. To date, no historical proof exists that shows that Amadeus Mozart was even remotely capable of a moonwalk. Not only did the classical genius fail to produce any meaningful music videos, not a single portrait shows the child prodigy growing werewolf hair at dizzying speed in front of a live video camera or managing to hold his own during a dance-off with man-eating zombies.

Other Bizarre Comparisons 
Some other celebrity and composer comparisons are equally as bizarre. While according to some semi-reliable sources Slayer does attribute some musical influence to Bach, there is not much to compare there. Bono has been compared to a modern-day Beethoven because of his activism. And the list can go on. I say leave the classical composers to decompose and let the contemporary artists stand on their own merit.

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