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NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Top 5 Tips for Classical Composers

Top 5 Tips for Classical Composers

1. Write  Every Day

This may seem obvious, but to get better, you need to write. I know too many folks who say they want to write music, but instead decide to wait until they can finish their amazing symphony. Don't sweat it, just write it! And if it stinks, that's okay, you can write again tomorrow.

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2. Perform Often

The more you perform, the more you will understand music. There is something magical that happens in performance when notes are translated live. Be  a part of that!

3. Learn multiple instruments and vocal parts

And try to play multiple instruments. It helps to be able to play a combination of percussion, keys, guitar, strings, and wind, if possible. Vocal talents are useful too. This doesn't mean you need to master all of these, but you will write better for an instrument that you know.

4. Study different types of music

It's nice that you are a specialist in Schoenberg atonal theory, but really, you need to branch out. Thankfully the Internet makes this easy for anyone. So take the time to learn music from other time periods, countries, and styles. And take time to write up short etudes on what you have learned.

5. Get your work out there

There is no excuse anymore. You have access to millions of musicians willing to play new music. So get your music out there. Not all gigs will be paid, but that's okay, especially if you are just building up your library and recordings. Contact universities and high schools, independent musicians, and ensembles. It is still difficult to get professional orchestras and opera companies to perform new work (sometimes almost impossible) but thankfully, you aren't limited because the Internet allows you to contact anyone in the world.


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