NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON
NEW Libertaria Chronicles Expanded Edition at AMAZON

Young's Yearly Music and Film Update! Happy New Year!


This year has been a crazy, CRAZY year! My film Libertaria:The Virtual Opera was shown at festivals including the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Animation and Best Short Feature. NPR's Morning Edition interviewed me about my "spacey" rendition of their theme song. This year I have been writing like crazy, including my new Composer Boot Camp 101, the sci-fi novel Libertaria: Revelation, and several series on songwriting for Easy Ear Training. I also made a couple of short films, including the Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena, which won 2nd place in the Buffalo Video and Film Makers Shorty Contest. Both Libertaria: Revelation and the Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena can be watched on Youtube. I also recently completed an animation project for composer Rain Worthington, where I animated her Classical Discoveries interviews about her new symphonic album Dream Vapors. We hope to continue this project into 2017.

On a personal level, I am expecting our baby boy in January, which has made this year a little more crazy since I have spent most of the summer and fall on bedrest. 

So what's in the works for 2017? Well, besides having a baby in January, which will probably take up a lot of time, there are a few other projects in the works:
  • 1) Rain Worthington's Animated Interviews
  • 2) Libertaria: The Book of Esther, Book 3 in the Libertaria Chronicles sci-fi series
  • 3) A new short animated film (more on this later)
  • 4) Preproduction on a new opera: Alicia and the White Rabbit
  • 5) Soundtrack for an upcoming video game project

There are a few other projects possibly in the works, but this is just a taste of what's happening in 2017!

If you love my music and want to support an artist, please take the time to purchase the Libertaria Chronicles Special Edition, Books 1 and 2. In this dystopian series the teen Libertaria escapes from the GenTech Factory and pairs up with her addict Father to destroy evil immortal geneticists in Book 1. With the Underground Metropolis in ruins and genetics gone awry, Libertaria must battle it out with cyborgs, mutants, and a two-headed Siren in the riveting Book 2 Libertaria: Revelation.

Thank you for your support this year! 
My fans make this all possible! You rock! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :) 

The Libertaria Chronicles is available :

If sci-fi isn't your thing, take a moment to check out over a dozen incredible music albums at iTunes with the best of my ambient, electronica, and film music:


What an amazing year! Congratulations on such success.

I look forward to reading my copy of Libertaria Chronicles Books 1 & 2.

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