Is the President a Bloodsucking Vampire?

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When the President of the United States is a demonic bloodsucking Immortal, it is up to college coed Mara and the mysterious White Lily Society to defeat the most powerful vampire on earth. But when Mara and her twin sister Peyton find themselves in danger, the sister find out that to save the world they must lose their souls!

"An intriguing vampire political thriller."

Richard's arms encircled Anna, wedging her between his body and a cluttered desk. 
“Well, you're just going to have to make it up to me.”
“Hell, no!” 
She shoved him, hard. He staggered and fell backwards, his skull making a sickening CRACK against the corner of a metal desk. The room was dark, Anna couldn't see if he was alive, but as she walked towards the fallen man, her stockinged feet felt the wetness of blood between her toes...cold blood. 

Thank goodness no one else would be at the office for several hours. 

Light footprints in blood from the body to her desk stained the carpet. She grabbed some Windex and a Kleenex, and crouched down, scrubbing frantically at red splotches. 
Anna didn't hear a quiet scuffling behind her, where the body lay. 
She felt a slight breeze against her bare neck, but ignored it, intent on removing any evidence that she had been near the body that night. 
Strong hands grasped her shoulders, spinning her around then flat on her back on the blood stains. 

Richard wasn't dead!

A slight putrid smell, like a thousand-year-old corpse, wafted about her nostrils. Anna held in vomit. 
Her face paled as his face contorted into pure evil. His lips snarled. Sharp teeth grew slowly from his bleeding gums, like Michael Jackson's did in Thriller. But this wasn't a makeup job, this was real. His eyes grew crazed, his grip stronger, as he ripped her blouse, exposing sweating pale flesh.
She screamed once before blood and pain and fear robbed her of consciousness.

Miami Bloodlust is the first book in the dark fantasy series The White Lily Society, a precursor to the dystopian Libertaria Chronicles series.


“Young has created a convincing world...a dark dystopian future for you to get lost in. The characters are complex, flawed, and human, and you are never sure what they will do next.”

“This book is dystopia squared. It's not and shouldn't be a quick read. It's complex and jumps around a lot. which is what good dystopia is supposed to be. To me, Libertaria is like a code that has to be broken. Like taking on a second language.”

“This book blew my mind with its creativity and vivid action. Who's good and who's bad? A truly original read. It made me think of one of my favorite books ever, Terra terra! by Stefano Benni. Give it a chance!” 

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Award-winning composer, filmmaker, and obsessive sci-fi buff Sabrina Peña Young enjoys spending her
free time playing the drums, devising plans for world domination, cooking Cuban food, and playing with her hyperactive dog Sandy. Young has been a TED talk speaker, an opera composer, a filmmaker, a lousy comedian, and a dancing rat. Her work has been shown in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas at the Holland Animation Film Festival, Tedxbuffalo, Art Basil Miami, the NY International Independent Film Festival, way too many computer music conferences, and random boom boxes in France. Critics call her art "daunting", "epic", "groundbreaking" and on more than one occasion she has given nightmares to audience members.


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