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Untitled Work for Haunted Concert Hall Halloween Night

Between packing up my Miami apartment for a move to America's Heartland in Kentucky and tying up all the loose ends at my job, I have been completing my latest composition for Milllikin University in Illinois. The composition, the name of which has been oscillating between Rail Girl to Forgotten, and now is just untitled again, has been a fun break from the usual heavily sci-fi fair that I usually create. Millikin University enjoys the notoriety for being the nation's most haunted (yes, haunted as in GHOSTS! BOO!) university. The ghost of the Rail Girl haunts the concert hall. Musicians and theater students alike try to assuage the wrath of Rail Girl by leaving her an offering of candy. Those that do not have had various catastrophes plague their performances, with one girl even claiming the ghost attempted to throw her down the stairs! You can read more about the Rail Girl HERE. When composing this piece I decided to purchase some "inspirational" items from the

World Order #5 Awarded A CAP Grant from the American Music Society

Sabrina Pena Young was awarded the a Composer Assistance Grant from The American Music Center for the upcoming world premier of W orld Order #5 on November 8th by the Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Kurt Gartner. World Order #5 has been commissioned by the KSU Music Department and is the second piece composed specifically for this talented ensemble. The American Music Center awarded a Composer Assistance Grant for the upcoming premier of World Order #5, to be performed at the McCain Auditorium by the Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble (directed by Kurt Gartner). World Order #5 is written for percussion sextet, video, and tape and is fifth in a series of electroacoustic pieces about contemporary society. This has been a successful series of works, with premiers at Turkey's Cinema for Peace, Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art, and at the New York International Independent Film Festival (filmscore). World Order #5 follow