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Music Projects 2012

2012 proves to be another creative year. Check out some of the my latest music projects: Libertaria: The Virtual Opera The virtual opera is in full music production. After handpicking a very, very talented cast of musicians through virtual auditions, we have launched into the recording phase of the project. Find out more about the Libertaria Cast here: .  The opera leads include the Kate Sikura and Gracia Gillund as Libertaria , Gretchen Suarez-Pena as Lucinde , and Matthew Meadows as Simeon .  Each cast member records the music from Libertaria and sends the recordings back to the sound team, which includes the talented Eve Klein from Textile Audio  and musician Patrick Neher . Animation begins in the summer. We have several talented animators helping out on the project, headed up by Art Director Caroline Damien. Legendary composer Dr. Clare Shore serves as the Music Advisor.  Easy Ear Training I continue blogging re

Animators Wanted for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera  is looking for  crew members  excited about technology and music! We are looking for: Lead Animators Assistant Animators Writers Production Assistants Screenwriters Audio Engineers Marketers Graphic Artists Sound Designers Publicists Music Assistants Actors Join the  Libertaria Film Crew : E-mail MOVIESTORM ANIMATORS WANTED “Libertaria: The Virtual Opera”  needs a team of talented  Moviestorm assistant animators to help make this opera a reality. This is volunteer and all animators receive full credit and publicity for your part with Creative Commons licensing for work created for the opera (commercial or noncommercial). We are in the middle of  music production . Animation production will start this summer (2012) once the music production side is complete. The first screening will take place in 2013. If you are interested in volunteering for Libertaria, please contact me via: Yo

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Launching Party!

Hello Everyone, As part of the  2013 LIbertaria Virtual Launch Party ,  100  institutions will receive a  free  press pack with a prelease  Libertaria  DVD for their own  Libertaria Virtual Launch Party . Who can be part of the VIRTUAL LAUNCH PARTY? Film Clubs University Departments (Film, music, art, theater, opera workshops, art, feminist theory , political science, etc.) Film Departments Art Galleries Student Groups Theaters Libraries Festivals Clubs Community Centers Select Individuals (Who can commit to a public screening of Libertaria ) If you are part of a university, gallery space, theater, etc. that can host a Libertaria Virtual Screeing Party, e-mail “” with the subject title “Liberaria Virtual Launch Party”. Include the name of your institution, a contact person, and URL. Private individuals that would like to host their own public viewing of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera  in 2013 and receive the free press package need to include s