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A Composer's Goodbye to Murray, KY

Image via Wikipedia Seasons change, and it's time for me and my family to leave Murray, Kentucky , which has been our home since relocating from South Florida three years ago. I have enjoyed the people and the students that I have met here. What an amazing jewel in America's Heartland, with the Athena Festival, Murray State University , the Murray Art Guild, and a thriving arts community. Tuesday night was my last concert with Murray State University, the New Music Concert. My students presented nine different electronic works, from clarinet and tape to more contemporary electronica. We even had a fun jazz piece or two. I also presented a video version of Movement 1 of my Creation Oratorio, originally performed live by the Millikin University Women's Choir and Millikin University Percussion Ensemble. Moving will be hard. I am giving a lecture next week Ohio, then returning to Murray to finish packing. Such incredible craziness! Goodbye, Murray! I will miss you! Related

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Screenplay Update

I recently rediscovered my passion for writing! I am in the screenplay stages of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. After months of concept art , writing the libretto, and the storyboard, I am now making my dream a concrete reality through the art of screenwriting . Why screenwriting for an opera ? Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is an animated opera, using the voice talents of an international cast and mixed by yours truly in my project studio . Unlike a live opera performance, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be a feature length animated film using a combination of computer animation and 2D art to tell the compelling story of the fiesty orphan Libertaria. Combining surrealism and graphic novel techniques, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is both visually and aurally stunning, with an eclectic score that mashes contemporary electroacoustic composition with futuristic IDM (intelligent dance music). If you want to find out more about Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, check out the Kick
Image via Wikipedia With the semester coming to a close at Murray State , and my family soon relocating farther west, I am finding increased solace in writing the opera libretto for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera . I have written hundreds of lines of poetry and lyrics in my life, but writing an opera libretto is an entirely different animal. Characters need to be fleshed out and as multidimensional an opera can allow. The story should flow logically, at least in my mind. Lyrics need to be purposeful and true. None of that "I love you, and I'm blue, dooby-doo" silliness. There must be drama, and realistic places (set in the future?). Since the opera will be animated, camera actions and transitions are also incorporated. The cast grows from a handful to two dozen interesting characters populating this bizarre science fiction tale. I hope the tale is original, as it weaves a complicated web about mother-daughter relationships against a backdrop of pharmaceutical frenzy. Is