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Free Halloween Music Download

Happy Halloween everyone! I wrote a fun and spooky Halloween track called "Halloween Eve's Birthday Bash!" for Easy Ear Training. Download it for free here: Let me know how you like the music track !

New Ear Training Album: Unravelling Music

I am excited to announce the release of my latest music project: Unravelling Music: Introducing Intervals This exciting new album is first in a series of fun and easy music training albums. Learn all about music just by listening to awesome tracks like Club Mango (a Latin Jazz tune based on my experiences at South Beach ), Asylum (a heavy alternative rock tune), and Body Crash (electronica awesomeness). Check out a sample here: The first 100 Customers will get a special introductory price of only $9.99! I am so excited about this album! You will absolutely love the music! Let me know what you think!

Fall Updates

Image via Wikipedia Hello Everyone! I have been busy like crazy teaching four music history courses and music synthesis. In addition, I am writing a new series called "Music & Life" for Easy Ear Training .com. This exciting new series delves into the latest research about music and human development, from the affect of music on the unborn baby to how music can positively impact autistic children. You can check out the first article in "Music & Life" at Easy Ear Training: The latest article in the "Music & Life" Series is "The Secret Language Connection". Find out how music helps children develop language skills and how music can even help you learn a foreign language! I am also hosting the International Alliance for Women in Music ELectronic Music concert at Murray State University . In the Spring Semester, the exciting Athena Festival will take place in March.