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PRESS RELEASE: Experimental Composer Produces Opera vis Internet

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release Experimental composer Sabrina Peña Young wanted to create an opera - without leaving her apartment! So she rounded up an international cast and crew using crowdsourcing, Music Xray, and social networks to create a cutting edge, and slightly psychotic, animated opera. "I wanted to create an opera that didn't require a concert hall, an opera that would reach out to a digital generation through social networking and online media. And to be honest, I wanted to create a nutty sci-fi opera about a renegade girl who defeats evil geneticists. I'm a nerd at heart. "  After two years in production, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will wrap up summer of 2013. The dedicated opera cast has never met in person for rehearsals and contacts Young entirely through e-mail and Skype. The small animation team uses machinima, an animation style popularized by gamer fan videos.  Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will

Valentine Free Kindle Music: 4 Multicultural Songs for Kids

February Freebie! After the wonderful success of January's freebie Modern Psalm: Alpha to Everlasting ,  music teachers and parents will enjoy February's free music packet 4 Fun Multicultural Songs for Kids and Music Games for the Classroom , a music education packet including a download for four children's songs and a music lesson plan. The February freebie is available for free on Kindle for three days, including Valentine's Day. It includes a bonus download of American Landscape (audio) and the ebook Dreams the Dreams of God: 99 Ways You Can Stop Poverty .  Download 4 Fun Multicultural Songs for Kids.   In this educational packet teachers will find four easy and enjoyable songs for early childhood and the elementary school classroom plus a bonus section with lesson plans and easy music games. Songs include "It's Music Time!" for circle time, the inspirational call-and-response song "We are the Children", and the rhythm so

Creating a Virtual Opera in Moviestorm

Now that our family has relocated to Buffalo, New York, it is time to finish animation production for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. For a number of reasons both stylistic and practical, the animation team for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera are using the machinima animation program Moviestorm in conjunction with Flash, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Bryce, and iClone. The small dedicated team has been working on everything from creating original animation mods for Moviestorm (courtesy of Lucinda McNary), opening credits in a graphic novel style by Art Director Caroline Damian, and lip sync work with Moviestorm animator Kera Hildebrandt.  Concept Art for the genetics Factory "Brain" I am contributing my animation chops for a couple of surreal sequences including a lovely song about drugs and evil genetic factories and another that takes place during an explosion on a futuristic bullet train. It's opera, you can sing through anything!  Other fun recent projects included t