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Musician Insider Secrets: The Low Down on Social Media Exposed in 3 Easy Steps

Musician Insider Secrets: The Low Down on Social Media Exposed in 5 Easy Tips You might be like many of the musicians that contact me every day about social media . Maybe you don't understand Twitter or Vine , maybe you grew up in the analog era and are intimidated by social media, or maybe you are an expert and just love finding new ways to use social media.  Here are a few tips that have helped me succeed in social media music marketing: 1. Don't Be Afraid The Internet can seem to be a crazy place where everything from contortionist elephants to global terrorism fights for your attention.  Don't be afraid to conquer and control your web presence through smart marketing.  What this means is that you need to find what social media platforms work best for you and are the most organic for your audience. What this also means is that from now on you need to treat the Internet like a marketplace, not a place for rants and inappropriate images.  Watch Social Medi

20 Ways You Know You are a Girl Drummer If....

Just thought I'd share a few thoughts about being a "girl drummer" I had the other day while jamming on the steering wheel in my car. Hope you enjoy, and add your own comments at the end! Would love to hear what you think!  You know you are a "girl drummer" if.... 1) You have to devise a special way of crashing hand cymbals together without pinching "the girls" 2) You had a nickel for every time a guy rolled his eyes when you sit behind a drumset you could buy a private jet 3) You love to see the looks on fan's faces when they see you tear up the drums 4) You have ever pictured your ex-boyfriend's face on a drumhead as you beat it to shreds 5) You can coordinate all four limbs to play along with the radio as you drive to your next gig 6) You have ever tried to not look awkward while you squeeze yourself into a marching  drum harness (ouch!) 7) You have ever wondered why they make all congas in "extra tall" 8) You

Music Marketing Secrets: How to Use Twitter, Youtube, Social Media - S P...

Music Marketing 101 explains easy ways for musicians to use social media like Twitter , Facebook , Youtube , and more to create a strong web presence and market their music. Created by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young.  If you enjoyed this video, please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young's works have been performed throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas in venues like the Beijing Conservatory , the Holland Animation Film Festival, the NY Independent Film Festival, Miramax's Project Greenlight , Art Basil Miami, and countless festivals worldwide. Last year Young gave an inspiring TED Talk on Online Collaboration and the Arts at TEDxBuffalo about her "groundbreaking" and "EPIC" sci-fi film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, created entirely online using machinima. Libertaria the Virtual Opera: Young recently released A Futurist Music Anthology, a two disk album cov

Moviestorm: Making a Lizard Warrior in Moviestorm (Machinima) - Sabrina ...

Needed a Lizard Warrior for my latest commission Destiny: Eondwyr. Making it in Moviestorm . I enjoy using Moviestorm and machinima because it is so simple to work with and easy to use, plus kinda fun! I've been using animation for many, many years, using programs like Poser , Moviestorm, DAZ , Bryce , After Effects , and Final Cut pro to create animation. I have even used the Sims for a few video pieces. Maybe its the love of film that makes me really want to immerse myself in both the visual and the audio. Or maybe its just because I like to have fun when I create! Related articles User talk:NDKilla Faking the Look of Super Slow Motion by Animating Still Photos APPLY NOW: Business Insider is hiring video interns Baby Blues Green Screen Machinima - Sabrina Pena Young Composer Secrets: Lee Scott, Social Media, and the Video Game Opera The ... TV Plus entertains and educates television viewers in northern Germany Enabling GPU

30 MIN Beautiful Ambient Space Music

Enjoy thirty minutes of beautiful ambient space music from award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. If you enjoy this video and would like to see more, please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! And would love to hear your comments below! MORE AMBIENT MUSIC: A Futurist Music Anthology Filtered through the lens of science fiction and fantasy, the electroacoustic works of Sabrina Pena Young explore the sonic outer dimensions of sound in a surreal world constantly balancing between reality and future dimensions of thought and music and the mind. With hundreds of works performed throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas, Young's global reach extends past borders and through the Digital Realm with "groundbreaking" works like Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Her work has been called "marvelously abstract", "epic", and &quo

GoFundMe: 5 Year Old Buffalo NY Girl in Desperate Need of Help after Delaware Park Car Crash Tragedy

Stephanie Suffered Brain Trauma after Buffalo Tragedy A couple of weeks ago a Buffalo family was struck by a car at Delaware Park. This family is part of our Homeschool group. The little boy Max died and Stephanie, a friend of Eva's, is going to go through intense therapy because of serious brain injury. She's only 5. The family was able to raise some funds for funeral/hospital costs, but Stephanie's injuries are  extremely severe and will require longterm care.  Support for Stephanie's Recovery: GoFundMe  Page: They have created a new GoFundMe page just for Stephanie's recovery. Right now the father will have to go back to work to start paying bills while Stephanie is going to a special rehab facility in Pennsylvania. Mary, their mom, is staying with Stephanie and needs so much prayer. Please lift this family in prayer, support them if you can, and share with friends. If you own a local business that would like to help th

Composer Secrets: Opera By You uses Crowdsourcing to create new work!

Opera by You Uses Crowdsourcing to create new innovative opera . Opera by You Sabrina Pena Young WATCH THE FULL VERSION: Crowdsourced Opera? Machinima Musicals? Telematic Performances? The 21st Century composer explores new technology to create innovative works in this EXCITING short documentary by futurist filmmaker and award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. Works of Pauline Oliveros , Alex Shapiro , Robert Voisey and 60x60 , Lee Scott's The Village Opera, Opera by You, Eric Whitacre , and More. OFFICIAL COMPOSER WEBSITE: ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: WATCH LIBERTARIA: The Virtual Opera


In a unique blending of the contemporary and the past, the virtual Nano Ensemble 21 will combine live spoken word and percussion within the urban shell of technology in an exciting new work that explores our basic humanity and substance, all in the auspices of sound.  And yeah, that's me jamming in my PJs in my Buffalo, NY apartment! :) Buy the TUNE: SABRINA PENA YOUNG: "BABY BLUES" used with permission from the Unravelling Music Album: Related articles Top 10 Jazz Pianists New Orleans jazz for a just cause New single, concert coming up for Ryan Montano New Honda Jazz Teased in Video Ahead of July Launch; What You Need to Know SMT-V: Videocast journal of the Society for Music Theory IAWM Women Composers, Performers, and Conductors in Music - Classical, W... Last Week In Music Commentary: Streaming Music Matures - Who Pays When