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14 Free Music Downloads for Electronica Fans! We hit 200 Facebook Fans!

We Have 200 Facebook Fans! Thank you SOOO Much for Supporting New Music! Thank you so much for supporting my music and work. It is wonderful to see so many great people engaged in the new music scene!!!  GET THE LATEST MUSIC INDUSTRY TIPS AND FREE MUSIC  AT FACEBOOK TODAY!  Get the Latest Music Industry Tips and Free Music at Facebook! As a very special THANK YOU , this weekend there are  14 FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS  in electronica for my fans and their friends available at Reverbnation! Download Your FREE MUSIC TODAY! We independent musicians couldn't make it in the music world without our great fans SHARING our music. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to new music!  Need help with your mix? Let me help! -- Young is the foremost expert on virtual opera production and online collaboration with the debut of her machinima opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Libertaria includes a live international cast and film crew, virtual choirs,

Top 10 Sites! MUST KNOW Grants, Festivals, and Tips for Music and Film

As musicians and filmmakers we are always looking for opportunities to share our art and find out the latest about grants and great opportunities. Below are some sites that will give you great information on grants and opportunities for new music and film. QUICK GRANT WRITING TIP! Remember when filling out a grant application: Read all the directions Meet the deadlines Present your best This means avoiding typos, bad film or audio, badly written scores, the wrong computer files, handwritten scores, poor recordings, or submitting just any old piece.  You need to shine, you need to be the best.  And keep in mind that many opportunities are not "blind", a term meaning that the judges panel checks out anonymous portfolios, a process that often results in a much more diverse pool of recipients and lessens unintended favoritism in the process.  WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS! When choosing an opportunity, do a quick Google search to check for its legitimacy. For example,

30 Days of Artist Development and Music Coaching @MusicXray

Artist Development Priceless Music Advice at a Low Price! I have enjoyed creating new music and reaching amazing fans over the last two decades. Now I want to help musicians reach the same level of success by helping them develop their music and their artistic careers. This is an exciting NEW venture that I look forward to! Please SHARE this opportunity! 30 Days of Artist Development @MusicXray Your 30 Days of Artist Development Includes: 1) Detailed Critique/Music review from Music Professional for up to three separate songs 2) Advice on music, recording, and marketing potential for your music 3) Two Way conversation/discussion about your work 4) Continued advice/coaching for a period of one month as you improve your work (no extra cost for resubmitting the revision during this one month period, after this, you will need to submit to the opportunity again). During this period, you will have the opportunity to use me as a part of your team, as a resource to hel