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What's so Strange about Metamorph? Artist Transforms her Body into an Alien Butterfly

What's so Strange about Metamorph? Artist Transforms her Body into an Alien Butterfly This unique electronica Visual Music animation was created, believe it or not, using a bean bag charge, an overhead shot, and lots and a mirroring filter. When interning with Deep Listening Composer Pauline Oliveros at the Deep Listening Gallery in Kingston, New York, I decided I wanted to create a bizarre work. Lacking props, but having a plethora of bean bags, I decided to create a video using my body. Later I imported the video into Final Cut and applied a mirroring filter and various other filters to create this alien morphing butterfly work. If you enjoy experimental animation and electronic music take the time to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and check out the electronica ambient music below from my Futurist Music Anthology below, covering a decade of experimental electronica. <a href="http://sabrinapenayoung.ban

I am Jessica Jones: Confessions of a Hidden Superhero

I admit that I have been watching  Jessica Jones , that new Netflix Marvel joint venture starring a morose and trauma-ridden superhero, antihero, and Dr. Who gone evil. And perhaps, while the story starts slow, I find it tantalizingly intriguing, almost addictive, but not for reasons like good action or a good storyline.  The reality is that Jessica Jones is not just a superhero, she is the  everywoman who has traveled that dark road of trauma. Before you freak out and wonder if I am going all Kylo Ren on you, realize this, that many, if not most, of the women that you meet each day have their own Killgrave. For someone like me who, like Jessica Jones, was with someone that physically tortured you and called it day, being under the spell, no control, of another, even if you thought it was willing, scars you for life.  You can put as many rainbows and unicorns and flowers over it, but the truth is, is that those memories lie there forever like a big pile of manure, stenching

NEW Moviestorm Flute Mod - Airborn Sand for Flute Machinima

Testing out a new Moviestorm Flute Mod by Shirley Martin. Made in Moviestorm. Usually I edit down in Final Cut for post, but this is straight out of the software. Let me know what you think about the mod.  Download the Flute Solo AIrborn Sand: @dalatindiva Award-winning composer, author, and media artist. Sabrina Pena Young's music and media works have been heard throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia. Young has authored over a dozen books covering topics as diverse as music, poverty, and cooking. The New Music Box, SAI Panpipes, Percussive Notes, SEAMUS Music Journal, IAWM Music Journal, and Kapralova Society Journal are only some of the notable publications that have published Young's intriguing articles on music and technology. Related articles 'Halo 5: Guardians' Cartographer's Gift Update Now Available: Includes REQ Items & New Maps Run smooth scroll animations on the compositor when po