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Summer Opera Giveaway: Free Music Download Symphony of Shadows from Libertaria at Reverbnation

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera My incredible music fans at Reverbnation, Twitter, and Facebook, have kept my music at #1 in Electronica in Buffalo, New York! Reverbnation is a great place for music fans to keep track of the latest on Libertaria - my current electronic opera project premiering in October. Find out the latest about upcoming concerts and screenings, download free music, and ask me questions about Libertaria, and more at Reverbnation!  BECOME A MUSIC FAN AT REVERBNATION I have been adding a few sneak peaks of Libertaria online, including the recent addition of Symphony of Shadows from Libertaria, this months' FREE GIVEAWAY! Symphony of Shadows combines electronica with a haunting piano melody in a dramatic film soundtrack. Haunting and sentimental, at once sad and hopeful, Symphony of Shadows is a fitting beginning to Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. I hope that you enjoy this month's FREE GIVEAWAY! It's my way of saying THANK YOU for supporting Liber

The Story Behind Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

THE STORY BEHIND LIBERTARIA In 2011 I started writing a story about a young geneticist that worked in a cutting edge facility that absorbed the energy from the ill and dying to make a new serum that rejuvenated the younger, healthy populace. In the short story, the scientist, orphaned at a young age, discovered that one of her test subjects was actually her mother. The short story evolved over time and instead of focusing on the scientists, the young girl was placed in the genetics factory herself, escaping it to discover her addict father runs the resistance against the factory. With a hundred twists and turns, Libertaria tells the story with true operatic drama and sci-fi energy. Drones Destroy the Eastern United States in Libertaria Production for Libertaria was entirely online. The cast auditioned virtually through Music Xray and other sites, the animators worked together using a machinima program called Moviestorm , communication continued through e-mail a