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Unravelling Music Album Available Now!

Image via Wikipedia Easy Ear Training has released the album Unravelling Music: Introducing Intervals on CD Baby and Amazon. The Unravelling Music Series from Easy Ear Training helps the average listener learn more about music just by listening. It's a great resource for music educators and students. You can buy the full album from CD Baby or Amazon, or just check out the individual tracks below! Check out this album for some great music and a new and fun way to learn about music! Body Crash (Track 2) An upbeat electronica work about love, aliens, and the beginning of a new world. Desert Run (Track 8) An ambient piece with a great beat! Desert Run was inspired by the millions who sacrificed everything to give hope to a younger generation. As I wrote this song, I imagined a mother and child fleeing poverty towards freedom. Fallen (Track 13) A beautiful easy listening piano ballade complete with luscious strings. This work was inspired by the sacrifices made by those who hav

Libertaria Opera Auditions

Well, I have been settling in our new home of Oklahoma. Currently taking advantage of the extra time to work on a few projects: Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Auditions and Screenplay I am currently accepting female and male roles (all vocal types) for the upcoming video opera Libertaria. Interested vocalists may submit a short vocal mp3 audition to The cast is growing bigger, and there are only a few spots left. I am completed the libretto for Libertaria and am working on the screenplay version first draft. Find out more about Libertaria: The Virtual Opera here: The Athena Mix Video In the spring I had the opportunity to curate works with Vox Novus ' Robert Voisey for the premier of the Athena Mix , an exciting and eclectic mix of sixty electronic compositions by sixty women from around the globe. Talented musicians like Pauline Oliveros , Joan La Barbara , Maggie Payne, Brenda Hutchinson , and many, many more