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Happy Thanksgiving and Opera Freebies!

Happy Thanksgiving ! As everyone gets ready to spend some wonderful time with family and friends this Thanksgiving, I am excited to share an upcoming FREE online screening of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera AND BONUS music freebies for the first 200 viewers !  READ Moviestorm's EXCLUSIVE Machinima Article about Libertaria From December 6-9th, 2013, Moviestorm will be presenting an exclusive FREE MOVIE PREMIER of Libertaria at . The first 200 fans that check out the Moviestorm website will get a FREE MUSIC SOUNDTRACK from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera !  Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Official Movie Trailer Epic Sci-Fi Cinematic Sound and Dramatic Heart Stopping Vocals collide in this long-awaited Virtual Opera Soundtrack! Musical Theater Madness and Electronica Mayhem with 21st Century Rock Opera Insanity! Blow your mind into the next millennium! Love sci-fi? Love animation ? Love music? Then you will LOVE Libertaria! Visitors will als


Moviestorm Hosts Exclusive FREE SHOWING of LIBERTARIA DEC. 6-9! I am excited to announce that on December 6-9th 2013, will host an exclusive FREE movie premier of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera ! In this incredible exclusive one-time movie launch event, animation and music enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the full animated sci-fi rock musical Libertaria: The Virtual Opera . Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Premiers Online Dec 6-9! BUT THERE'S MORE! The first 200 movie fans will receive a FREE Official Libertaria Soundtrack through Bandcamp . com. Moviestorm will provide exclusive special deals on select animation software.  This is a gift from me to the music fans, incredible cast and crew members (and their friends and fans) and just to the film and music community at large that makes these types of incredible projects a reality!    OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER LIBERTARIA: THE VIRTUAL OPERA After this exclusive one-time free premier event the

Composer Insider: What is a Virtual Audition?

In the 21st century, composers can find talented individuals through virtual auditions. What is a virtual audition? A virtual audition can be defined, loosely, as an audition that takes place in a virtual space or is not conducting "live" like a traditional audition. Today auditions are being created through Youtube, like Eric Whitacre 's Virtual Choir auditions online, through e-mail, or even through online A&R services like Music Xray. You might want to set up a Skype audition or an audition through Google. Is a virtual audition easy to set up? Yes, and usually it is low or no cost to set up.    Cast members for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera were selected through virtual auditions. There are distinct challenges when dealing in the digital world, especially if the audition is for a live part. For example, an actor or singer might submit a perfectly edited video or sound clip, but in reality may be incredible terrible for the part. That is why it is is import

VIRTUAL THEATER 3000: Composer/Filmmaker Starts New Online Movie Theater

Enjoy Animation, Music, and Films at the new Virtual Movie Theater! After finishing my first feature film, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera , a sci-fi animated opera of epic proportions (as all operas should be), I have decided to share my film-loving with other fans of experimental films, animation, and music at VT3K, or Virtual Theater 3000 . This exciting new online movie theater allows you to order popcorn and snacks, enjoy watching select short films and documentaries, and provides you with an interesting new venue to enjoy your favorite (and maybe new favorite) films and short videos.  Listen to Libertaria Sing Virtual Opera Motion Picture Soundtrack Virtual Theater 3000 specializes in the artsy films, music videos, animation, and sci-fi that appeals to those who want to try something outside of the sequels and blockbusters at the movie theater. Every Friday night Virtual Theater 3K will showcase new films as part of the special VT3K: Friday Night Feature Films series.

Composer Secrets: The $2000 Opera

Budget Friendly Opera Production When you think about writing an opera, often your vision is tempered a little bit by reality. After all, the libretto might call for two hundred Roman soldiers marching in perfect rhythm or require insurmountable months of rehearsal to sing your score just right. You might need a full orchestra or a rock band or need to hire a dozen jugglers for that one scene before the heroine plunges a knife in her lovers heart (it is  opera, so we must be dramatic).  The last couple of decades have seen splendor and extravagance, once the calling cards of great opera, give way to smaller chamber operas, short opera productions, and experimental operas where technology replaces lavish sets and a handful of characters play out a complex, sometimes nonlinear, story. When I set out to write Libertaria: The Virtual Opera I knew that I wanted grand splendor. I wanted to recreate the grandiosity of the operatic heyday, when audiences clamored to see exotic