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THE FEMININE MUSIQUE: MULTIMEDIA AND WOMEN TODAY Available in Paperback, Kindle, and PDF editions. Paperback  $22.48 Kindle  $0.99 PDF  $1.99  Kindle UK   £0.77 Paperback Amazon CA $42.52 "The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today" traces the intersection of experimental music and new media  through the works of composers and artists at the turn of twentieth century America.  Cover of Laurie Anderson An invaluable addition to any music, visual arts, or historical library collection, "The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today" gives a voice to the sights and sounds of innovative women such as Laurie Anderson , Alison Knowles , Brenda Hutchinson , Pauline Oliveros , Pamela Z , Yoko Ono , Meredith Monk , Maggie Payne, Sylvia Pengilly, Madonna , Lydia Lunch , and countless others, who embraced social change, technology, and the arts to create compelling and sometimes controversial works. Digital Autograph Avai

Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Science Fiction, and Libertaria

The Cyberpunk Opera? What is Cyberpunk?  Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a near-future setting. Noted for its focus on "high tech and low life," it features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. Is Libertaria : The Virtual Opera a Cyberpunk Opera? Besides taking its clear musical cues from science fiction classics like Blade Runner , Libertaria: The Virtual Opera , and the upcoming related novel Libertaria: Book 1 , both by experimental composer Sabrina Peña Young , clearly has many key elements necessary for the cyberpunk tale. Taking place in about a century, the story behind Libertaria focuses on the plight of the Underground Society of teen cyborg misfits who attempt to overturn a crumbled post-apocalyptic dystopic GenTech Factory that not only acts as the government of the fledgling socialists states, but also determines the fate of humankind

Women in Music Connect the World: IAWM 20th-Anniversary Congress 2015 Call for proposals

Call for proposals: scores, performances, papers,  panels, lecture-recitals The IAWM 20 th -Anniversary Congress 2015, online  13-19 April 2015 Women in Music Connect the World call-for-participation/ The International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) and Wake Forest University are pleased to announce the IAWM Congress 2015 April 13-19, on the occasion of the 20 th  anniversary of the Alliance. The Congress will be conducted entirely online. The theme of the congress is “Women in Music Connect the World.” The seven-day online congress will be freely accessible to all with events available following a 24-hour GMT clock. Featured will be established and upcoming women professional and student composers, musicologists, music theorists, ethnomusicologists, educators, performers, and conductors who will contribute their knowledge and expertise in performances, papers, workshops, demonstrations, and panel discussions. Women in music througho