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#CyberMonday #FREE NEW EBook: Money, Happiness, More Time Save $100 in 10 Minutes with Money Saver Mami Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Edition

FREE THIS CYBERMONDAY! Save $100 in 10 Minutes with Money Saver Mami: Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Edition You want to save money. You want to enjoy this holiday season. But you don't have time or money? In this new innovative series from Amazon Bestseller Sabrina Pena Young, you will learn how to save hundreds of dollars on your budget this Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Season in only ten minutes. Be happy this holiday season!  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY: CLICK NOW Money. Happiness. More Time.   TABLE OF CONTENTS   Save Hundreds on Gifts!   Avoid the Vacation Blues   Make a Card – Save Money!   Save on Holiday Meals   BONUS: 50 Fun Affordable Christmas Ideas   No more wasting time reading long wordy e-books, scouring the Internet, or cutting coupons to stay in budget and save money. Instead find out tried and true ways to really save money this holiday season with quick and easy tips that you will be able to read fast.   FREE  AMA

This #CyberMonday: Music, Women, and Technology 7 Essays

Music, Women, and Technology: 7 Essays Seven insightful music essays on music, audio technology, women in electronic music , John Cage , and contemporary music history. A unique must-have resource for independent musicians, music students, educators, and music lovers. This book is about technology, reality, and changing the world through music one note at a time. DOWNLOAD FOR ONLY $2.99 TODAY AT AMAZON KINDLE Essays on:  Intermedia: Redefining American Music at the Turn of the Third Millennium. The Composer's Daughter. The Failure of Superwoman. Decomposing Composers.  In Defense of Music Technology . Music Technology: The Great Democratizer The Silent Noise of John Cage (excerpt) Extra bonus appendix with an exhaustive bibliography of resources on the topic of women in electronic music and technology.  Historical discussions on the works of artists like Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Anderson , John Cage, Pamela Z , Meredith Monk , Maggi Payne , Lynn Hershmann-Neeson, the McLean

#FREE KINDLE EBook #CYBERMONDAY: Modern Psalm from The Poetry and Lyrics of Composer Sabrina Pena Young

FREE AMAZON KINDLE BOOK Modern Psalm: Alpha to Everlasting (The Poetry and Lyrics of Sabrina Pena Young Book 1)   In this short modern Psalm, classical composer Sabrina Pena Young captures the voice of Christ in lyrical poetry. An expression of praise and hope, Alpha to Everlasting is an uplifting piece that brings joy to the reader.  The composer includes a special musical gift as a thank you to each reader, including links to free sheet music and limited time exclusive music download for readers.  CLICK NOW! DOWNLOAD Modern Psalm and Your Free Classical Soundtrack Today ABOUT THE AUTHOR  International composer Sabrina Peña Young has created over 250 acoustic and electroacoustic works presented throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. In 2011 the IAWM awarded Young the New Genre Prize for their international Search for New Music competition for her work Creation Oratorio, a complex choral work sung in English, Spanish, and Swahili. Sabrina Peña Young’s cur

CYBERMONDAY #FREE Special! Free Kindle Ebook Young Adult Science Fiction Libertaria: Genesis!

CYBERMONDAY #FREE Special! Free Kindle Ebook Young Adult Science Fiction Libertaria: Genesis! Libertaria is NOT your TYPICAL Fourteen-Year Old Girl. Raised in the GenTech Factory she's never celebrated a birthday, had a BFF , or even had a first crush.  But she can melt your brain with a single glance!  In a post-USSA dystopia Libertaria teams up with her megalomaniac drug addict father to destroy evil Reverse-Aging geneticists with a ragtag robot army of cyborg misfits. In a dystopian world of secrets and mad geneticists Libertaria learns that sometimes to save the world you must first lose your soul!  Based on the "groundbreaking" and "epic" film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera by award-winning composer and media artist Sabrina Pena Young. Enjoy this action packed young adult science fiction thriller!  ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Award-winning composer and obsessive sci-fi buff Sabrina Pena Young enjoys spending her free time playing the drums, devising pl

Escape Pod #SciFi Podcast Reviews Libertaria: Genesis

Escape Pod # SciFi Podcast Reviews Libertaria: Genesis  My new dystopian novel Libertaria: Genesis, based on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is available today for  free download   at Amazon Kindle . This ebook includes  a  free electronica soundtrack. CLICK for Free Ebook and Soundtrack You can also check out my first review for Libertaria: Genesis: 2015/11/30/book-review- libertaria-genesis-by-sabrina- pena-young/ "... I would recommend the book to anyone who’s seen or listened to the opera . Additionally, because this book was staged first, it’s an interesting study in differing ways of storytelling — music versus music-and-video versus book versus book-and-music...After all, there aren’t very many sci-fi operas — at least, not ones that aren’t treated as a joke.  Libertaria: Genesis  is dystopian, and good at it, and that needs further examination." -  Josh Roseman, Author  The ClockWork Russian and Other Stories Libertaria is no