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Spring Music Update!

Libertaria LIBERTARIA: THE VIRTUAL OPERA After two years, the final Libertaria Cast Album will be out this summer. Animation production has ended, and the summer will be busy with post production for the October premiere in South Florida, hosted by composer Dr. Clare Shore. The Libertaria Cast Album is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter, which is fitting since the entire opera production has been completed online.  If you are interested in a prerelease of the Libertaria Cast Album, please check out the Kickstarter link below: VOX NOVUS Vox Novus has been busy with the ten 60x60 mixes for its ten year anniversary. I coordinated Athena 60x60 Mix, an exciting one hour electronic music concert by talented women around the globe. As part of a collaboration for Vox Novus, I  created video for the 60x60 Presenter's Mix using machinima and Moviestorm, and the Presenter's

Libertaria: Meet our Virtual Opera Characters!

As you may know, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is about to enter into post production after two years of music production and animation. Find out a little bit more about our virtual opera characters! SUPPORT LIBERTARIA AT KICKSTARTER! LIBERTARIA Libertaria Meet Libertaria. The rebel teen escapes from an evil genetics factory only to find herself entrenched in the Underground with her Metal Ink addict father Simeon. Will she ever find the Nurse that saved her life? Or will the Evil Collective prevail?  Singers Kate Sikora and Gracia Gillund share the role of Libertaria. Simeon, Leader of the Underground SIMEON The leader of the Underground has more than a few skeletons in his closet, including an unhealthy addiction to Metal Ink and a tangled web of love and intrigue. Perry Cook and Matthew Meadows sing the role of Simeon. LUCINDE Lucinde has an ax to grind with Libertaria, though no one is sure why. Simeon's right hand "man", Lucinde heads up

Electronic Opera Album Kickstarter Project Launches TODAY!

After two exciting years of music production and animation, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is now entering post-production. I am excited to announce that we will be hiring an international professional mastering studio to mix and master the Official Libertaria Cast Album! PLEDGE $1 and Get the OFFICIAL LIBERTARIA CAST ALBUM!!!! Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is an indie sci-fi animated opera. The cast and crew volunteered their time and talents over the last two years to create an amazing ELECTRONIC OPERA! Libertaria operates on a microbudget and all Kickstarter funding will go to the final mix and master production of the opera. It's all about AMAZING REWARDS for MUSIC FANS! $1 Get an exclusive Digital Download of the Cast Album plus exclusive goodies including chapters from the Libertaria sci-fi novel , movie poster download, and movie stills!  $2 Become an Associate Producer and receive the Libertaria full movie download !  And there are other great rewa

Music Secrets: 5 Opera Production Tips

Caricature of Giuseppe Verdi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Although I have written an operetta and oratorio in the past, nothing prepared me for the intricacies for learning how to compose an opera. The large scale form that made countless composers like Verdi immortal in the annals of classical music seems daunting and somewhat archaic in a world of fast-paced social media, instant entertainment, and blase' pop music that permeates our minds like the polluted air we breathe. Ironically, I found little modern literature that helped me learn how to write an opera. Had the form been so abandoned in the Digital Age that writing a book on opera composition was futile? In any case, I decided to reinvent the form combining modern technology with contemporary compositions with Libertaria: The Virtual Opera , an animated opera produced entirely online.  Here are a few tips I have learned along the way: 1) Be Realistic  When I started working on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera  two

8 Machinima Audio Tips for Moviestorm

Pro Tools 9 running on Windows (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Hello Everyone, I'm working on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera right now with Lucinda McNary, Kera Hildebrandt and Patricia Johnston. One of the challenges we have had is syncing audio to singing vocals, especially since a few of our singers have a lot of vibrato. MS Lip Sync is not too bad, but the program sometimes misinterprets vibrato, reverb, and sustained tones as a single word, leaving you with a puppet sitting there with his mouth gaping open while several words fly by. One workaround involved Kera rerecording her own version of the audio over the singer's version and then lip syncing to that. It worked great, but was a lot of extra work. So here are some ways to prep your audio prior to lip sync. You can use a free program like Audacity or an easy program like Garageband for Mac, Cubase, and other audio software. I use Logic, and high end software like Pro Tools and Digital Performer will give y