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Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts - Artist Residency

The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, located in  Nebraska City, NE offers from fifty to sixty juried  residencies per year to  visual artists , writers, composers, and interdisciplinary  artists from across the country and around the world. The Center accommodates up to five artists at a time for stays that vary from two to eight weeks. Each resident is provided with private bedroom, private bathroom, their own studio space, fully equipped kitchen and a weekly $100 stipend for the duration of their stay. All residents are selected by a discipline-specific panel of professionals with decisions based on the quality of the proposal and the support materials submitted.  Nebraska artists and those transitioning from graduate school receive special consideration. Two application deadlines per year.   September 1  and  March 1 .  Applicants are required to apply online through our Slideroom portal:  https:// khncenterforthearts.slideroom. com/#/Login A non-refundable applica

How to Transcribe Music Like a Pro Tutorial from Easy Ear Training

How to Transcribe Music like a Pro: Finding the Key READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT EASY EAR TRAINING : You hear your favorite tune on Pandora and want to jam along, but every note you play seems to be wrong, even if the melody somehow  sounds  right at the same time. What could be the problem? Chances are you are playing in the wrong  key . When you transcribe a song, finding the key of the tune is the vital step to quickly figuring out the notes. Finding the key is always recommended, unless you only need the drum part: the only key we drummers use is when we are rocking out like a crazed mon key! Yeah, okay, enough of the bad jokes… READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT EASY EAR TRAINING: Related articles How To Increase Your Songwriting Output SOMEDAY - Song for Palestine Singer-Songwriter Randy Newman PRS for Music Foundati

NEW EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for Composer Boot Camp 101: 50 Exercises for Music Educators, Students and Music Professionals

50 Exercises for Music Educators, Students and Music Professionals   Want to write music? Want to teach your students how to write music? AVAILABLE NOW: EXCLUSIVE CREATESPACE DISCOUNT CODE! "Excellent ideas for young composers, and brilliant ways to get unstuck if you're a mature composer." - 5 STAR Customer Review    KINDLE VERSION:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 AMAZON: Composer Boot Camp is a series of 50 exercises for educators and beginning, intermediate, and advanced musicians who want to develop their skills in composition. Composer Boot Camp is available through Amazon and other retailers in hardback and kindle editions spring 2016. The  Composer Boot Camp 101 workbook is designed to help educators, students, and seasoned professi

Digital Marketing Bootcamp: Especially for Artists and Musicians

Published on Mar 31, 2014 Getting one's work seen or heard is imperative to the success of artists and musicians. For creatives, the Internet offers another dimension of exposure, but you must know how to maximize your reach. Panel: Lydia Bender 2008 Music Business graduate; former International Marketing Coordinator, Sony Music Brandy Price Course Director, Music Distribution Heather Torres Department Chair, Entertainment Business Bachelor of Science Israel Vasquetelle Course Director, Music Merchandising and Retail Promotion

The Landing - Science fiction Robot music - Sabrina Pena Young

Futuristic electronica and cyborg music. For more great sci-fi music for your projects - Cinematic Music for Film, TV, Apps, Video Games, and Youtube Official Artist Website  Cinematic music for Film, TV, Video Games, Apps, Business, and Youtube. Includes a collection of original science fiction soundtracks, horror music, dramatic songs, and more.  Created by award-winning composer and filmmaker Sabrina Pena Young. Combining science fiction and fantasy in "epic" musical soundtracks and film, Young's works have been showcased throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas at the Beijing Conservatory, the Holland Animation Film Festival, Miramax's Project Greenlight, the NY International Independent Film Festival, Art Miami, Art Basil Miami, and more.  released 06 July 2015  Composed and Produced by Sabrina Pena Young.

So You Want To Become A Composer YOUTUBE

Talks with John Corigliano, Karl Schindler, Bruce Pulk, Marc Parella, and Jody Rockmaker with insight into the world of being a composer of concert music. This was produced in 2006 for my Freshman Music Business class at Mesa Community College.

Sabrina Pena Young - Sci-Fi Machinima Opera: Highlights Libertaria The V...

EPIC!!! Machinima Opera Highlights. Science Fiction. Watch Libertaria: BUY SOUNDTRACK: In a post-USA dystopia teen Libertaria escapes from genetics factory & teams up with her addict father to lead a children's cyborg army against evil reverse-aging geneticists in this epic animated opera by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. World's first animated comic book opera. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Contact the director: Directed by Sabrina Pena Young Cast (In Alphabetical Order) Joe Cameron Perry R. Cook Gracia Gillund Jennifer Hermansky Matthew Meadows Kate Sikora Gretchen Suarez-Pena Yvette Teel Narrator Johnny Video Additional Vocals Alan Manuel Pena Art Department Lead Animator Kera Hildebrandt Lead Modder/Animator Lucind