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The Amazing "Americana" Film

After two years of finding amazing HD video footage from incredible American landscapes and cityscapes from New York City and the Statue of Liberty to the Southwest and beautiful American desert landscapes, plus some gorgeous ocean footage, Director Sean Fleck has finished "Americana" and giving a special sneak peak of the film online. "Americana" is an independent film part of a larger project called "The 5 Year Film Project" which plans on making more incredible awe-inspiring films from around the world using top-notch HD footage and incredible soundtracks and audio. "Americana" is the first film completed in the 5 Year Film Project. More about the 5 Year film Project: I had the opportunity to score the first film, "Americana". Split into two sections - Natural and Urban - scoring for "Americana" provided some unique challenges. Combining breathtaking soundscapes as well as more upbeat foota