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Virtual Opera Rehearsals with Bandcamp

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is wrapping up its final stage of music production. The talented cast members have worked on two virtual rehearsal albums for the sci-fi animated opera , and I am finishing up the final rehearsal album for the cast. BANDCAMP AND VIRTUAL OPERA AUDITIONS Since the opera cast and crew of Libertaria are working entirely via online (the cast/crew has never met for a live rehearsal or run-through), I have been using the music website to host Rehearsal Albums for download. Bandcamp has been helpful because it allows me to set up an album with scores at no additional cost, and I am free to set the price at free download, buyer sets price, or an actual price.     Libertaria Cast Rehearsal Album 2 Each Libertaria Cast Rehearsal Album has a click track, information packet, and scores. The click tracks have the vocal parts played by the piano and a steady click from beginning to end. Lullaby: The Nurse Click Track by Sabrina Young Each

Film Music, Audiomine, Opera, and More Music

This summer has been busy with music and traveling fun. Check out updates on this summer's music projects: MONICA by Rob Cabrera Rob Cabrera's animated short Monica is set for release in 2013. Already an award-winner, Monica promises to be an exciting adventure for kids and grown-ups alike! Creating the fun and quirky cartoon sci-fi inspired score was a fun challenge. Taking inspiration from sources as varied as Marvel movie scores, Japanese pop, and Bernard Hermann, I enjoyed creating a memorable electronic score. Even my daughter had a chance to take part when I dubbed her high-pitched "Monica" over the title screen. Keep an eye out for Monica . AMERICANA by Sean Fleck Imagine having an eagle's eye view of America with incredible timelapse footage. Clouds roll away, the desert beckons, the lights of the city become dizzying...all this and more is what you will experience with Sean Fleck's work Americana , now available online. FUTURE OF MUSIC SYM