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Summer Daze: Opera, Music, and More!

It's exciting to be in Buffalo, New York in the Summer! Sunshine, art, music, and nature combined with just the right touch of city life and international cuisine.  This summer will be an exciting one musically speaking. After two and half years and 1033 vocal tracks, I am wrapping up Libertaria: The Virtual Opera this summer. Thanks to our wonderful Kickstarter backers, the talented film composer Patrick Rundbladh is finishing up the final Libertaria Cast Album . Patrick has done exquisite work on Libertaria , combining both artistry and technical prowess.  LISTEN TO PATRICK RUNDBLADH's BEAUTIFUL FILM MUSIC Animators Kera Hildebrandt and Lucinda McNary have finished animation production and now I have a summer ahead of me of editing and animating the movie for the world premier October 5th in Lake Worth, Florida. (more info on that soon!) LISTEN TO THE INSTRUMENTAL OPERA SOUNDTRACK! But I'm not just working on opera. Yesterday I lay down some blues tracks f

17 Hours Left! Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, and Opera

As many of my music fans know, I have been working on an animated electronic opera for over two years. The end results is an exciting animated feature that stars talented musicians throughout the United States who volunteered (yes volunteered) their amazing musical talents for this insane sci-fi musical dream I had three years ago. GET THE LIBERTARIA CAST ALBUM FOR $1 AT KICKSTARTER! Music production has come to a close, and TV/Film composer Patrick Rundbladh at P & R Music Productions is mastering the final Libertaria Cast Album. Up to this point, the opera has been produced entirely online, with cast and crew volunteering their work in music and animation, and the random odd musical job funding the opera production.  We have 17 hours left for the Libertaria Opera Kickstarter Campaign! For $1 opera fans will receive an Early Bird full Libertaria Cast Album download . For a $2 pledge, opera fans have Associate Producer credit in the film, and get both the film and the al

Buffalo Composer Musings: What Will I Be?

We all go through stages in life. The question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" seems to change with the seasons and the decades. Not everyone remembers their childhood dreams, but I can remember mine clearly through the years: At four I wanted to be a preacher At six I wanted to be a paleantologist At eight I wanted to be an international spy At eleven I wanted to be an astronaut At twelve I wanted to be a famous rock drummer At fifteen I wanted to be a timpanist with the Boston Pops At seventeen I wanted to be a writer At nineteen I wanted to be a traveling percussion soloist At twenty-one I wanted to be alive At twenty-two I wanted to be a filmmaker At twenty-four I wanted to be a composer At twenty-eight I wanted to be married At twenty-nine I wanted to make a difference At thirty-one I wanted to make a baby And at thirty-five I wonder "What will I be when I grow up?" Maybe it's strange to ask myself this question now. After a