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Buffalo Women in Music Festival Events - SCHEDULE OF EVENTS IN THE 2016 WNY WOMEN IN THE ARTS FESTIVAL

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS IN THE 2016 WNY WOMEN IN THE ARTS FESTIVAL ON DISPLAY THROUGH FRIDAY, MARCH  Art Exhibit: “Rachel Ostrow: Runaway Sun,” featuring the works of East Amherst native Rachel  Zastrow. Kenan Center House Gallery, 433 Locust St., Lockport, NY 14094. Admission is free, but a $5  donation per person is encouraged. For information on gallery hours, visit  ON DISPLAY THROUGH SUNDAY, MARCH 27  Art Exhibit: “An Historical Survey of Women Artists,” Burchfield Penney Art Center , 1300  Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY . In response to the lack of representation of women in the arts, artist and  Buffalo native Coni Minneci created a series of paintings, 2003-2006, to honor the history of women  artists. From A to Z, twenty-six paintings are a tribute to some of those women. Disparity has long  been the unfair position of women in the arts and society. This reality defines the purpose of Coni  Minneci’s series, from Sofonisba Anguissola to Marguerite

Electronica Dance DJ Divas Only: $14.99 Five Star Music Coaching and Critique at Music Xray

Dance, trance, D&B, techno, house, trip hop , downtempo , experimental, etc. If you have an electronic track, I want to hear it! I have coached over 150 Musicians . Click for Affordable Music Coaching only $14.99 I will give you customized and detailed music coaching at Music Xray for:  1. Music Marketing  2. Mixing  3. Musicality  4. Vocal Tips 5. Tips on drums, keys, rhythm section   6. Suggestions for possible markets  7. Current opportunities and contacts for exposure  8. How to improve the song  9. Enhancing overall quality  10. Mastering And more...  Interested in individualized one on one attention? Enjoy personal artist development. CLICK FOR PERSONAL ONE ON ONE COACHING WITH SABRINA YOUNG Over 150 Music Xray Artists helped by Music Pro Advice! Get detailed and honest insider music pro advice from a seasoned professional with over 15 years of professional music experience: commercial music, radio, film music , electronica, multimedia, classical

Dave Ruch's Educate Your Audience and Write Your Ticket

READ THE ORIGINAL FULL BLOG POST BY DAVE RUCH HERE: FEBRUARY 8, 2016 Educate Your Audience and Write Your Ticket It turns out that just about every audience loves to learn something while they’re being entertained. In today’s  Educate and Entertain  article, I’m going to explain how making this shift has allowed me to literally  write my own rules  in terms of the types of gigs I do (and don’t do), what I charge, how often I travel, how far, how long my gigs last, and more. I realize it sounds a bit pretentious to say “educate your audience,” as if somehow they are  un educated before they arrive at your performance. I don’t mean it that way at all. What I mean is that  separate  from your artform, you probably have some really specialized and interesting knowledge around one or more topics that you’re passionate about. The day I started to combine some informative, “enlightening” content with my musical performances

How to Get Gigs Teaching in Schools

Read full blog by Dave Ruch here: JANUARY 4, 2016 How to Get Gigs in Schools I’ll never forget my first performance for a group of school kids. It was January 1995, and at the time I was what you would call a “gigging musician.” My normal routine back then involved rolling out of bed sometime between 9:00am and Noon (depending on how late the night before had been), perhaps teaching a few guitar students during the day, and then playing out that night in a bar where the band might start at 11pm. Or 11:30pm. (Famously,  the bars in Buffalo NY  where I live stay open until 4am, so everything tends to start a bit later…) --- "This is a great article and something that any serious artist should check out! Had to share!" - S. Pena Young Related articles Why music education needs to incorporate more diversity Little Kids Rock: A Rocking Night of Giving Back MUSIC EDUCATION EXPO COMPOSITION COMPETIT

Music Publishing explained

An introductory guide to music publishing - the business of creating, protecting and promoting songs and musical compositions. This short film produced by the UK's Music Publishers Association features contributions from leading figures in the industry, along with songwriters including Portico Quartet and Jake Gosling ( Ed Sheeran 's co-writer). Together they provide an overview of the various aspects of this dynamic part of the music industry .  For more information: Related articles UK artists sell a third of top 40 best-selling albums worldwide Taylor Swift makes history Happy Birthday, Ed Sheeran, You Mysterious Ginger Prince 2016 Grammys: The Winners Are... Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift Top Grammys Brit Awards 2016: Throw out predictable nominations and represent the true diverse UK we live in Jamie Lawson Tours The UK With Allen & Heath dLive Artists logos and motifs Taylor Swift Writes Ed Sheeran the Sweetest Birthday