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Virtual Music Production: FREE Online Course (MOOC)

VIRTUAL MUSIC PRODUCTION OFFERED FREE ONLINE About this course Self-directed free mini course on Virtual Music Production . Introduction to music technology, web tools for musicians, virtual music production, social media, online collaboration, and case study of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. SIGN UP FOR VIRTUAL MUSIC PRODUCTION  Course details In this self-directed mini course you will be introduced to music technology and virtual music production. The course is meant to be completed at your own pace without direct instruction. Future courses in development will include one-on-one instruction and class interaction.  COURSE INCLUDES: Multimedia and Resources on Music Technology, Internet Collaboration, and Music Production Links to Free and Low Cost Music Websites for Production and Collaboration Optional Self-Directed Assignments for Enrichment Downloadable Course Materials Original Essays on Music Technology Unit Study on virtual production of Libertaria:

Opera for a New Generation: Faculty Matters Interviews Composer Sabrina Pena Young

Opera for a new generation By Kimberly Jakubowski Photographs by Luke Copping    "Opera, comic books , sci-fi and video games —this group of words doesn’t have a misfit, according to Sabrina Peña Young . A composer and percussionist with a flair for the experimental, Young is passionate about setting a new and more accessible stage for opera and classical music , and carries this creative energy into her University of Phoenix classroom." Read the Full Article Here:  Related articles Percussive Notes and Faculty Matters Magazines Spotlight Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site: Opera, Music, and the Future of Contemporary Music FREE Music Libertaria Scores Sabrina Pena Young on Scribd | Scribd Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site: Composer Musings: You just finished an what?

Ear Training Albums Use Popular Music to Teach Chords and Intervals

Introducing Intervals Introducing Intervals is the first album to use the Unravelling Music method of ear training , where you can learn the core skills vital to musicianship – just by listening to music! Learn all the essential intervals with 5 specially-composed music tracks and over twenty examples. Along the way you’ll also find out about chords , rhythm, timbre and audio effects . Popular Progressions Popular Progressions teaches you to recognise and identify the most common chord progressions in real music. A huge number of songs in modern pop and rock music use just three chords. With Popular Progressions you’ll learn to recognise these “3 chord songs” and easily identify their chords by ear. Related articles Identifying Chords that Work Well Together The Danger of Chords-First Songwriting, and Other Thoughts My new book is here! How to Find the Key of a Song Interval Riffs, Part 1: Basics Chord voicings on guitar Pt2. Get domin