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Concerts and Puppets and Opera and more!

Nature Time lapse footage from AM / PM demo film by Sean Fleck from Mount Airy Films on Vimeo . Check out some of my latest projects in progress! Film Score for the animated short Monica , by Cartoonist Rob Cabrera Life has been incredibly busy for the last few months between projects, the opera, teaching, and of course, taking of my most important masterpiece - Eva Rose Young! My baby girl had her first official recording session for Rob Cabrera's Monica soundtrack that I am composing . She had a great time with the headphones and talking into a real mic, and was paid dutifully in hugs and love. This project is wrapping up soon, so keep a look out for the exciting short Monica , coming out in 2013!  60x60 Athena Mix presented at Cameron University on May 1, @7:30 PM. I will be presenting the video version of the 60 x 60 Athena Mix, an exciting and eclectic electronic mix of sixty short one minute electronic compositions by women around the world. The original Athena Mix