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Libertaria East Egg Hunt! Win Autographed Songbook and Digital Soundtrack!

Find Easter Eggs and win an Autographed Songbook and Digital Soundtrack! An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke , hidden message , or feature in a work such as a computer program , movie , book , or crossword . This practice is similar in some respects to hidden signature motifs such as Diego Rivera 's including himself in his murals , Alfred Hitchcock 's legendary cameo appearances (hint) , Fritz's appearances in the works of Chris van Allsburg , and various " Hidden Mickeys " that can be found throughout the various Disney Parks. - Wikipedia (of course) The rules are easy!  1. Watch Libertaria: The Virtual Opera 2. Jot down the time code for every film, book, art, music, or sci-fi reference that you can find (both in the visuals, lyrics and the music) with a short description.  Pris from Blade Runner makes an appearance at 24:16 in Libertaria. For the example above, just write "24:16 Pris from Blade Runner". Pris The Replic

College Stress: 3 Excuses You Never to Email Your Professor

Grades and Stress: College Professors were Students Once Upon a Time First off, full disclosure: I was once a college student . Shocking, yes, I know, but every professor that you know has sat in your shoes in some form or another. Now you might be studying online while juggling work and family, or maybe you go part time or to a community college or are studying something entirely different than your professor, but the reality is that when it comes down to stressing out about grades, every professor has sat in your shoes, whether it was a few years ago or during the Stone Age.  What does that mean for you, the college student?  Most likely your professor has rose-colored memories about their time in college, especially those that chose to pursue their careers in academia and higher learning. Your professor was the kid in college that not only enjoyed learning about business or humanities or biology or computer science so much that s/he decided to spend the rest of their life

Holland Animation Film Festival Presents Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera - Holland Animation Film Festival - HAFF . Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be shown March 20 and 21 at the Holland Animation Film Festival! Exciting Times! The City of Utrecht presents Utrecht as the international City of Music 2014. HAFF joins in with an international theme programme of music and animation. Animation and music have proven to be a fruitful combination. Their inspirational interplay produces a wealth of musical films and cinematic music. The theme runs like a thread through different festival sections. Plus, several programmes have been compiled presenting some far corners of the theme: from abstract visual music to cartoons, and from big themes in dramatic genres like opera and tango to contemporary music videos.  The term visual music is commonly used for abstract, rhythmical films that translate music into images or aim for a cinematic equivalent of music. This can even happen automatically. Conversely, images can b

Exciting Women in the Arts Festival Hits Buffalo New York

--> Buffalo Celebrates Amazing Music and Art by Women this March If you enjoy the arts, from galleries full of innovative paintings and mixed media to stellar musical performances to innovative arts technology, you will be amazed at the amazing contemporary music and arts that you will encounter this year at the Women in the Arts Festival in Buffalo, New York . From a toddler-friendly music event on March 17th in Amherst to an exciting jazz band concert March 29th and gallery showings at the Kenan Center, there is something for every age and every arts lover this year. Hosted by a variety of institutions including Canisius College and Buffalo State, and including a wide array of stunning artists and musicians including Dr. Barbara Harbach and Caroline Mallonee and the Ladies First Jazz Band, this year promises to top previous years in variety and arts enjoyment. Women in the Arts Festival 2014 Friday, February 21-Friday, April 4 :   Art opening and exhibi

Buffalo Women and Arts Festival Offers Concerts, Coffeehouses, and More!

Women in the Arts Festival 2014 The biennial Women in the Arts Festival is an opportunity to discover new music and arts by Composer Dr. Barbara Harbach regional artists in Buffalo, New York . Enjoy art by Elizabeth Lambert Mararian, sip some coffee while enjoying the modern opera Libertaria, enjoy chamber concerts and lectures at the Montante Cultural center, or even bring your toddlers to a fun and free family music event. There is something for every arts lover of any age this year at the Women in the Arts Festival in Buffalo, New York. Many events will be hosted at regional Canisius College and Buffalo State College . We hope to see you there! EVENTS Friday, February 21-Friday, April 4: Art opening and exhibit: Elizabeth Lambert Mararian, artist. Opening reception: Friday, Feb. 28, 5-7pm, Andrew W. Bouwhuis Library, Canisius College.  Canisius College Saturday, March 1: Piano recital: Jennifer Campbell , a finalist of the 2012 Sixth New York International

Free Sheet Music: 10 Songs for Voice and Piano (Libertaria Opera)

Free Opera Sheet Music and Upcoming Music Events As I put together the final touches of Kickstarter packets for my faithful backers, I thought I would share the link for classical music fans and electronic music fans! These are selections from Libertaria including the jazzy solo Metal Ink , the touching lullaby Lonely Mother's Cry , and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired finale Rebellion .  Enjoy! And here is a listing of upcoming events for this March! I hope to see you there!  (Scroll down for free sheet music!) UPCOMING MUSIC EVENTS FRIDAY MARCH 21, 2014: Libertaria Screening Buffalo State Time: 11AM Location: Buffalo School of Music (Room TBD) Rockwell Hall Free full screening of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. MONDAY MARCH 17, 2014: Moms, Music, and Toddler Fun A day of music making for moms and their kids as part of the Women in Arts Festival, Buffalo, NY Time: 10-12AM, FREE EVENT Location: Restoration Church, Buffalo Ny 504 Frankhauser Rd, Buffa