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3 Painstakingly EASY Tips for Musicians

1)   Make Music : All the saturation and marketing in the world won't matter if you do not have a professional sounding product. Notice that I did not say a high quality music product. A mediocre song that is mixed and mastered by a professional will go leaps and bounds over a well written song with a crappy demo recording. That's the truth, so deal with it and get a professional sounding product. 2)  Get Technological : Set up websites, Twitter , FB,  MySpace , and any place that doesn't charge you to sell albums, merchandise, and concert tickets. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of sites where you can set up your music. Does that mean that you will rake in profits? No, but this will help create a buzz for your music, and gives your fans easy access to your music. I also recommend CD Baby . You cannot beat the low price you get for what you get. Spend about $15 to set up a single on  iTunes , Amazon, and dozens of other sites, plus your own webpage and FB a

Composer Secrets: Sabrina Pena Young on Machinima and Opera

Innovative Composer Sabrina Pena Young explains how she used Moviestorm Machinima software to create her groundbreaking opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Sabrina Pena Young WATCH THE FULL VERSION: Crowdsourced Opera? Machinima Musicals? Telematic Performances? The 21st Century composer explores new technology to create innovative works in this EXCITING short documentary by futurist filmmaker and award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. Works of Pauline Oliveros, Alex Shapiro , Robert Voisey and 60x60, Lee Scott's The Village Opera, Opera by You, Eric Whitacre, and More. OFFICIAL COMPOSER WEBSITE: ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: WATCH LIBERTARIA: The Virtual Opera https://

Libertaria: Preproduction Clips - Sabrina Pena Young

A preproduction test animation from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, using Moviestorm machinima and creating an avatar for myself jamming to music from the soundtrack. Related articles Machinima Names Former Fox, Endemol Executives to Top Marketing Roles Machinima Hires SVPs Of Marketing And Content Strategy, Co-Productions Machinima's New Slate Plays On DC Entertainment Field Baby Blues Green Screen Machinima - Sabrina Pena Young Composer Secrets: Lee Scott, Social Media, and the Video Game Opera The ... Machinima Renews Online Reality Series AFK for a 4th Season ROBOCOP Live-Action Web Series From Machinima Announced Is Orlando Jones Leaving Sleepy Hollow? RoboCop and DC Comics web series launching on YouTube DC Comics And Machinima Are Making 3 New Online Shows

Academic Insider: 3 Secret Tips on How to Pass Your Online Class

Academic Insider: 3 Secret Tips on How to Pass Your Online Class   Passing Your Online Class is Easier Than You Think! Learn three simple secrets to passing your online class and you can graduate at the top of your class!  Passing your online classroom may seem impossible as you balance work, family and schoolwork. As an educator in higher education for over a decade and an online instructor who regularly teaches hundreds of students a year, I have seen what separates students who pass classes from those that do not, and it won't be the answers that you think. Passing your online class is less about who had the highest SAT score in high school, who has the highest IQ or who writes the best five paragraph essay. Follow these simple secrets and you will be heads and shoulders above your classmates! The Key to Online Success is Time Management Believe it or not, I have seen more students fail a class because of poor time management than because of any other reason. St

The Village Opera NEEDS YOU! VOTE TODAY! Save the VILLAGE! Video Game Opera

The Village Opera NEEDS YOU TODAY! Vote for the leader that will save the village from evil lurking Underground. Check out FREE MUSIC, watch cool videos, CREATE your own CHARACTER, and INTERACT with TWITTER and FACEBOOK! VIDEO GAME OPERA Credits Libretto  Lee Scott Visual Design  Lee Scott & Ben Jeffs Animation  Lee Scott Character illustration  Bao Anh Le Web Development  Lee Scott Composers Hecaceres - Sam Sturtivant Soter - Phil Zammit Harill - Lee Scott Aletheia - Lee Scott Roso - Sabrina Pena Young Snout - Weiwei Jin Harmony - Lee Scott & Adreambeam Vocalists Narration- Serena Dunlop Hecaceres- Catrin Young Soter - Dave Gunner Harill - Keith Anthony Aletheia - Emmy Willow Roso - Jim Lavender Snout - Chloe Gardiner Harmony - Adreambeam Additional - Serena Dunlop Vocal lines by Lee Scott With very special thanks to Andrew Hugill, Joseph Hyde, Katharine Reeve, Mimi Thebo, Kate Pullinger, Hongji Ya

The Failure of Superwoman: A Young Composer's Confession

The Failure of Superwoman : A Young Composer's Confession  (Originally Published 2010) In this poignant confession, an overworked mother shares her daily struggles of work and family while giving a seed of hope to working mothers the world over.  My friends call me Superwoman.  Singlehandedly I juggle work, music, and motherhood , and still manage to get a healthy dinner on the table before my husband comes home at night. You can find me lecturing on Baroque Music and Beethoven at the local university, composing electronic music for my opera until the late hours of the night, teaching my baby girl proper fingering on the piano, and trying to find ways to buy organic vegetables while cutting my grocery budget by another ten percent. I appreciate the empowerment my mother's generation gave to Generations X and Y. We grew up believing that we could have it all. Despite all of the bad publicity for being "slackers", we believed that a woman could perfectly bal