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Ringing in the New Year!

It has been a crazy amazing musical year!  Our family relocated to New York earlier this year. It's been wonderful being closer to family in both New York and Ohio and making new friends, although it was difficult to leave behind so many wonderful friends in Oklahoma. I don't know if we traded well on the weather. The NY summer is wonderful, but it's a toss-up whether I prefer this cold dreary winter to the hot dreary Oklahoma summer. After two years the production team finally completed Libertaria: The Virtual Opera ! If you have been keeping up with updates, you will know that it has been a long and challenging process, but well worth it! The Libertaria Album two-volume set was released in the summer, followed up by a world premier in October and an online premier in the beginning of December. Libertaria has been presented in part at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and I lectured on virtual opera production at Buffalo State . There are upcoming opera events

Merry Christmas: A Return to Peace, Love, Charity this Holiday Season

Merry Christmas . We shout "Merry Christmas" out to strangers, proclaim it on tacky sweaters, blare it in bright red and green lights on our lawns, and even throw it away on discarded half-used paper plates from the last office Christmas party, but what does "Merry Christmas" really mean, for the family like the Hands that might spend this Christmas at a pediatric cancer hospital?  What does "Merry Christmas" mean for newly broken families that have to forge holiday memories minus loved ones? Or for the lonely forgotten vet in his degraded mobile home or the family that survives from one fast food paycheck to another fast food paycheck? What is merry for the depressed college student struggling with addiction and loneliness or the soldier spending Christmas in the desert this year?  What is so merry in this topsy-turvy world? What hope can there be this Christmas? But there is hope.   "Merry Christmas" was once more than a Hallma

Happy Holidays and Music Fun!

Holiday Fun - SNOW SNOW SNOW! Luminarias It's that time of year where life is full of happiness and family, music and laughter, and this year...Snow? Yes, Snow! After living my life in the South I have officially Yankee-fied and moved to New York, which means that today, instead of wearing a light jacket in cool 50 degree weather or wondering if it's a good day to walk along the beach (maybe not, it's a COLD 65 degrees!), instead today I decided that 17 degrees wasn't too bad, considering the snow already fell. So I walked in cold blustery Buffalo to the coffee shop bundled up like Paddington Bear and enjoyed some hot cocoa and a sandwich.  I have to admit, not sold on this snow thing. Sure, it's pretty, but it's also wet. It looks like you can just swim in it and be lighter than air, but really, it's uber-deceptive. I haven't bought boots yet (it took me years to move from sandals to regular shoes). Only my fellow displaced Floridians will under

Free Opera Premier! 24hrs Left of Online Premier

Moviestorm presents "GROUNDBREAKING" Virtual Opera This Sunday! In typical 21st century fashion, I am excited that for this weekend only the UK-based Moviestorm is presenting Libertaria: The Virtual Opera as a special ONLINE premier. You don't need to pay $50 a ticket or wait in line, you can even enjoy Libertaria in your PJs!  Watch Libertaria NOW From Dec 6 to 12PM Dec 9th (GMT) Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is available at Moviestorm as an exciting ONLINE PREMIER MOVIE EVENT! Enjoy this "epic" futuristic opera and the astounding musical performances of the incredible Libertaria cast which includes composer Perry R. Cook, indie phenom Matt Meadows, soprano all-stars Kate Sikora and Gracia Gillund, and other incredibly talented musicians.  Download a free soundtrack as part of this online event!  After Dec. 9th, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be available as Video on Demand at the Virtual Theater 3000 , an exciting art house online movie th