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PROGRAMMING A WORK If you are interested in programming a composition or commissioning a new work, you can e-mail me through . I look forward to hearing from you. SPECIAL NOTICE : I am currently looking to collaborate with a large instrumental or vocal ensemble to create a large-scale multimedia work based on the text in Revelation. If you or someone you know is interested in this type of project, please contact me at . SCORES AVAILABLE ONLINE Creation Multimedia Oratorio SSA/3D Animation, Percussion Ensemble, Tape, Electronic Keyboard A complex multilingual intertwining of Afro-Cuban music and traditional choral music, the intermedia oratorio Creation celebrates diversity and the beauty of procreation. A celebration of culture, life, and humanity. Full score available through . Parts, click track, tape, and video available upon request ( A Glass of Water Lights the World Solo Cello Mysteriously e