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Doing Machinima Opera Happy Dance: LIBERTARIA IS FINISHED!

After nearly three years from conception to realization, two years of music production, one thousand vocal takes, and zero sleep for an entire summer of animation and post production, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is finished! Yes, FINISHED! The crazy idea of mixing an opera with a film, two nearly impossible feats, while juggling family life, work, and teaching, not to mention things like eating and sleeping, was one that challenged me on a musical and mental level.  Buy the new Libertaria Soundtrack (Special Edition) at CD Baby TODAY! Libertaria challenged my family, who had to sacrifice time so I could stay up endless nights and work on weekends to finish the work, it challenged our amazing cast and crew who volunteered their time and talents for a crazy production. And I have to thank my husband Coach Nate Young for supporting me throughout this summer and Dr. Clare Shore who has always been a mentor and amazing friend for supporting me musically and was my moral support th

Top 10 What To Do When You Finish Your First Machinima Opera!

So there aren't many, if any precedents for what to do when you finish your first Machinima Opera...but hey, I finished editing the last scene this morning, planning on hitting credits and subtitles tonight...then final cut for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be done! Oh...yeah! BUY THE LIBERTARIA MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK TODAY! So being in an ultimate party mood and feeling like a mountain is lifting that has sat there for the last two and a half years, here is my immediate Top Ten List of what I am doing in celebration of finishing my first feature film! Whooohoo! Party with me, you know you want to! Top 10 What To Do When You Finish Your First Machinima Opera 1. Pump some seriously annoying Reggaeton Music  2. Dance like a crazy woman in your dining room in front of your windows so your nosy neighbor across the street will complain to his wife about "young people today..." 3. Proceed to look up every DIY home hair dye job YouTube video you can find 4.

Virtual Cast Album Release: Libertaria Soundtrack Available at Cd Baby!

Official Motion Picture Soundtrack After two and a half years of music production, the Libertaria Soundtrack (Special Edition) is now available online! The talented cast members of Libertaria have created an incredible virtual opera for the 21st century!  Enjoy the jazzy tune Metal Ink sung by indie rocker Matt Meadows (aka Rango the Dog) and Perry R. Cook, or enjoy beautiful solos by the lovely ladies of Libertaria - Kate Sikora, Gracia Gillund, Jennifer Hermansky, Yvette Tell, and Gretchen Suarez-Pena. From the moving song Mother Imagined and New Dawn to powerful vocals in Pilar of the Underground , you will be amazed at the incredible talent of these talented singers! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO LIBERTARIA! Proceeds from album sales will go towards film production.  The film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera   will be premiered in South Florida at the Concerts at Calvary series in Lake Worth Florida, hosted by composer Dr. Clare Shore , mentor, friend, and big Libertaria s

Machinima Update: Indy Radio Live Podcast Tonight at 9PM EST!

Tonight cast and crew members of the machinima musical Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will be Testing out my Mic for Tonight's Chat! chatting about music, animation, machinima, and more at the Content Creator's Toolbox with Kinte Fergerson. Come check it out! This will be the first time that cast members have "met" so it will be a blast. Meet indy rocker Matt Meadows (aka Rango the Dog), soprano Kate Sikora, music tech guru Perry R. Cook, and Machinimator Extraordinaire Kera Hildebrandt, as well as myself as we talk shop, music, and filmmaking in the Digital Age! Come check it out! Ask questions, find out answers...enjoy!  TIME: 9PM EST, 8PM CENTRAL, 6PM Pacific WHERE: WHAT: Content Creator's Indy Radio Stream , all about animation, film and machinima, of course! Hope to see you there!  Sabrina Related articles Google-backed Machinima plans for online TV service Trailer :: K'ai, Death of Dreams - YouTube M

Machinima Indy Radio Interviews the Libertaria Cast and Crew August 15th

For those who want to hear the insides and outs about the machinima opera Libertaria or Libertaria: The Virtual Opera just want to find out a bit more about creating a low-budget independent film feature using social media and the Internet can check out tomorrow's live chat and radio show at The Content Creator's Toolbox. Director Sabrina Peña Young will chat with cast members Matt Meadows, Perry R. Cook, and Kate Sikora, guest hosted by Libertaria animator Kera Hildebrandt and hosted by Kinte Fergerson. WHEN: Thurs. 8:30PM EST CHAT and 9:00PM EST Live Talk WHERE: The Content Creator's Toolbox Be sure to check it out! Chime in early to check out the the chat room. We will be talking about music, machinima, film, and anything else that happens to come up! It will be the first time that cast/crew members "meet" online, so it will be an incredible talk!  The Content Creator's Toolbox is an online website dedicated to independent filmmakers, espec

Pray for Gray Update: Family Raising $25,000 for 3 yr old's Leukemia Treatment

Hello Everyone! Those of you that regularly stop by my page might remember a post earlier this summer about Pray for Gray. This summer 3 year old Grayson Hand came down with flu-like symptoms.   What should have just been a case of the sniffles ended up  being an aggressive form of leukemia.    The Hand Family was my husband's family away from home. He and Gray's dad are practically blood brothers. My husband was Nate and Lauren Hand's best man, and Nate Hand was our best man. Gray's grandpa Pastor Pat Hand said a prayer at our wedding. So when we found out about little Gray suffering from Leukemia, it was about family.  Gray and His Mom Share a Tender Moment Friends and family are maintaining a Pray for Gray Facebook page. They hope to raise $25,000 towards Gray's chemo (which will top out at $1 million each year for at least three years). Needless to say, the health insurance will not cover all of the treatment. An auction in October will also