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New Orleans musicians join officials for Hurricane Harvey relief concert

On Tuesday night, local musicians and public officials came together to lend a helping hand to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more:

John Berry & Friends All Come Together(Music Video)for Hurricane Relief

Robin and I wanted to do something to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. I wrote this song with my buddy Chuck Jones, called my friends (Keb' Mo', Collin Raye, John Oates, Casey James, Bryan White, John Cowan, Darin and Brooke Aldridge, Heidi Newfield (Trick Pony) Dave Innis (Restless Heart), Paul Gregg (Restless Heart), and Mike Farris, to join me and it is. I hope it encourages you to donate your time volunteering or give money to help. ALL proceeds from the sale of this song with go towards the relief effort. Visit for more information on how you can help.

Usher & Blake Shelton Stand By Me Hurricane Relief Show

On Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief, Blake Shelton and Usher offered Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims a shoulder to lean on September 12, 2017. They teamed up during the nationwide telethon fundraiser to perform Ben E. King's classic "Stand by Me." Usher started the song off, receiving cheers as he revealed the iconic track. With Shelton on acoustic guitar, the two then traded verses and shared the choruses, leading the Grand Ole Opry Nashville audience in singing the refrain together. Usher and Shelton formerly competed against each other as opposing team advisors on season 6 of The Voice. Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief aids Harvey and Irma victims in Texas and Florida. Donate Now Text Give to 80077 to give $25. THE BROADCAST FEATURED APPEARANCES, PERFORMANCES AND SPECIAL MESSAGES OF SUPPORT BY SOME OF AMERICA'S BIGGEST STARS. PARTICIPANTS INCLUDE (in alphabetical order): Trace Adkins, Malin Akerman, Jason Alexander, Lily Aldridg

The secret chord that makes Christmas music sound so Christmassy

The secret chord that makes Christmas music sound so Christmassy

5 Songwriting Tools That Change Everything | ASCAP | Songwriting | Tips ...

5 Songwriting Tools That Change Everything

Buffalo New York Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria Devastates Island Nation

Buffalo New York Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria Devastates Island Nation Multiple donation centers have been set up to collect items for emergency relief from Monday, September 25 to – at leaast - Friday, October 6. Locations include Buffalo City Hall, All County Buildings, ECC, as well as the Belle Center at 104 Maryland St. (8am-6pm) and St. Anthony’s Church at 306 Ingham Ave. Lackawanna (10am-12pm and 2-4pm). Once these desperately needed items have been collected, we will ship them directly to a coll ection center located in Puerto Rico. The following is a list of much-needed supplies: bottled water, D batteries, canned goods, old-style can opener, candles, flashlights, baby supplies (diapers and wipes). A more extensive list of donation drop-off locations and requested items can be found by going to:…/…/PuertoRico-PressRelease.pdf  

10 Songwriting Tips for Beginners - What NOT To Do

10 Songwriting Tips for Beginners - What NOT To Do

Songwriting 101: How to write/record a "Better" song!

Songwriting 101: How to write/record a "Better" song!

15 Songwriting Tips For Beginners! (Songwriting 101)

15 Songwriting Tips For Beginners! 

Alicia Keys Tells Us The Secret To Writing Great Lyrics - LINER NOTES

Alicia Keys sat down to take part in our songwriter profile video interview series LINER NOTES. In the interview, the pop superstar tells us how she draws inspiration for her best songs, how the meaning of her songs and lyrics evolve over time, and the satisfaction she gets from her songs having different significance to people all around the world.

10 Lyric Writing Tips for Beginners

10 Lyric Writing Tips for Beginners

Career Advice For Independent Musicians

Career Advice For Independent Musicians

Open Mic Night: Tips For Musicians

Ali shares practical tips on how to prepare for Open Mic nights for musicians. This video is aimed at Beginner Level musicians.

Indie Music Marketing: How to Get More Music Exposure & Sales on Youtube

Indie Music Marketing: How to Get More Music Exposure

12 Branding Tips for Musicians with Brand Expert Glen Campbell

In this interview Brand Expert Glen Campbell gives us insights and 12 Branding Tips and some compelling reasons why Musicians and Bands need to become their own Brand. Glen covers: 0:22 - 1. What Branding is and what it is not. 2:22 - 2. Bands have to think of themselves as a business with a commercial model. 3:00 - 3. Musicians need to take Control of their destinies. 3:15 - 4. They have to be Sustainable, Powerful and Enduring. 3:40 - 5. They must have and know what their Point Of Difference is. 4:15 - 6. They must know who their Fans are and know how to communicate with them. 4:26 - 7. Musicians and bands must know their competitors. 5:00 - 8. What is your Vision? 5:12 - 9. What is your goal? 5:23 - 10. What is your Core Purpose? 6:20 - 11. What are your Values? Individually and as a band. 6:40 - 12. What is your Image? 7:24 - Conclusion

YouTube For Musicians: Social Media House Part 5

This is part 5 of Cyber PR's 9 week online course, which is being offered for free for musicians, music industry professionals and anyone interested in supporting artists. In part five I will be teaching you how to have amass fans and attention on the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Check out the accompanying blog post HERE ( ), and download your Action Sheets HERE ( ). More than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month, viewing more than four billion hours of video. Every single day, nearly twelve years of content is uploaded (in the video I say 8 years and this has changed!) YouTube is also the second largest online search engine (after Google). Back in 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. So, YouTube now operates as a subsidiary of Google, therefore YouTube videos appear high in Google search results. YouTube is an interactive social network just like all the others. It’s an important si

5 Wellness Tips for Musicians

Professor James Brody, director of the Musicians' Wellness Initiative at CU-Boulder, discusses 5 practical tips to improve healthy and productive artistry. For more information about the Musicians' Wellness Initiative

How To Make Money From Your Music (The BEST 5 Tips in 2017)

How To Make Money From Your Music // How to earn money as a musician on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other online platforms. A lot of artists, producers, songwriters and engineers are struggling to make a living from selling their own music. Here are the five best tips how to make money.

4 Productivity Tips and Hacks for Musicians

4 Productivity Tips and Hacks for Musicians

Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Information

Massive disasters like Hurricane Harvey create more needs than any one organization can meet on their own. The Red Cross is working very closely with the entire response community – government agencies, other non-profit groups, faith-based organizations, area businesses and others – to coordinate emergency relief efforts and get help to people as quickly as possible. As more streets and highways clear, the Red Cross will distribute food and relief supplies when and where it is safe to do so. And after the emergency relief part of our work is complete, we will use any remaining donations for Hurricane Harvey to meet the longer-term needs of the affected communities. The Red Cross honors donor intent and all donations earmarked for Hurricane Harvey will be used for our work to support this disaster. Americans work hard for their money, and we’re committed to being the very best stewards of our donor’s dollars. The Red Cross keeps our expenses low, and  91 cents of every dolla

Sci Fi Martial Arts Scene Animation - Moviestorm Machinima - Sabrina Pen...

Animated martial arts scene from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. It’s the year 2139, and United States, decimated by nuclear war in the last half of the 21st century has splintered off into territorial factions. The sky has grown red, the water runs black, and hope rests on the shoulders of a young teen. Meet Libertaria, of unknown origin and unknown place. Left as an infant in the abandoned Lady Liberty Souvenir Shop in the year 2125, she spent her early years bouncing within the Factory. Aided by a woman known only as Nurse, Libertaria escapes Factory at the age of 14, traveling the bullet train from Nueva York, the capitol of the USSA, to New Miami in search of the one person that ever showed her kindness. A mysterious glowing medallion leads her to the Underground, a society of children led by the seemingly immortal Simeon. Hunted by the Apothetae Army Police, Simeon and his closest allies, Miguel, Lucy, and Gabe, attempt to protect the innocent and helpless from the Co

Scary Film Example - MusicalU - 10 Mini Song Challenges - Sabrina Pena Y...

I created this scary film example for Musical U's songwriting challenges: Check it out!

HOW TO MAKE IT - Music Industry (Extra Tips - Nick Gatfield, Sony Music)

MORE SECRET TIPS!!!...HTMI - for those that want to work in the MUSIC INDUSTRY from Nick Gatfield, CEO of Sony Music (UK). Your favourite artists are likely to come from Sony with a stable of artists as diverse as 1Direction & Justin Timberlake to Barbra Streisand & Kings Of Leon. As well as that, they team up with Simon Cowell's SYCO to make the X-Factor. So if you want to work with someone like Nick Gatfield, nows the time to start taking notes. Nick's talks about how his involvement in music started from his passion for it as a kid and then going on to be part of Dexys Midnight Runners. Realising that there is often a shelf life in being a musician he quickly went into the business side of the industry & found other career options. Also keep an eye out for how & why One Direction became the juggernaut they are & advice for aspiring musicians on what he looks for when signing acts.


The music industry is not a complicated place however it is highly competitive so having the right strategy to be successful as a musician is imperative! Here are 10 tips to help you get your music career underway. This youtube channel has daily tips for musicians looking for a career whether its with your band, or as a session musician, teaching your instrument or making enough money to sustain your lifestyle and doing what you love every day! If you are serious about your music and instrument hit the sub button and while you are there the little bell and get a video every day which can help you learn about the music business!

How to Find Your Professional Audience | Songwriting | Music Business

From fans to bloggers to music supervisors, the task of finding your audience as a songwriter can be daunting. In this video, Berklee Online course author Ben Camp provides actionable advice for narrowing down your list of potential contacts in order to start reaching out in a methodical way.

Social Media for Bands & Musicians | 2017 | Music Industry Tips & Advice

Social Media for Bands & Musicians | 2017 | Music Industry Tips & Advice

Who are the Dreamers? DACA YouTube Video

More than 80% of Americans agree, Congress is broken. For years our legislators have left the hard work of lawmaking undone and allowed the Executive Branch to accumulate power, creating laws by Executive Order and agency rules. Now that strategy leaves many programs we count on vulnerable. DACA is just the latest program targeted by the cruel short-sightedness of the Trump Administration. But Trump couldn't target DREAMers today if Congress had done their job. We need a Brand New Congress who will actually work for the people. Brand New Congress stands by our DREAMers, and our candidates will fight for a swift and secure roadmap to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants. Help us build the largest grassroots campaign in American history. Help us take back Congress. To learn more about our campaign, our platform, and our candidates, please visit us at ACT TODAY!

Book Trailer: Spiritus Screenplay Available at AMAZON

Science fiction screenplay Spiritus for upcoming film by award-winning composer Sabrinat Pena Young. An orphan journeys to a dying exoplanet to escape the truth about her parents. Coming in 2018. Download for free at amazon today !

Free Kindle Ebook! Modern Psalm: Alpha to Everylasting

Free Kindle Ebook! Modern Psalm: Alpha to Everylasting In this short modern Psalm, classical composer Sabrina Pena Young captures the voice of Christ in lyrical poetry. An expression of praise and hope, Alpha to Everlasting is an uplifting piece that brings joy to the reader.


FREE KINDLE EBOOK Tale of Two Cities: 13 POEMS FROM BUFFALO NEW YORK In this short collection of urban poems, award-winning composer and Amazon bestselling author Sabrina Pena Young shares thoughts and memories of contemporary Buffalo, New York.

Free Kindle Book Vampire Political Thriller Today - The White Lily Society: Miami Bloolust - When the POTUS is a bloodsucking Vampire!

"A slight putrid smell, like a thousand-year-old corpse, wafted about her nostrils. Anna held in vomit.  Her face paled as his face contorted into pure evil. His lips snarled. Sharp teeth grew slowly from his bleeding gums, like Michael Jackson's did in Thriller. But this wasn't a makeup job, this was real. His eyes grew crazed, his grip stronger. She screamed once before blood and pain and fear robbed her of consciousness." The White Lily Society: Miami Bloodlust (Vampire Political Thriller) When the President of the United States is a demonic bloodsucking Immortal, it is up to college coed Mara and the mysterious White Lily Society to defeat the most powerful vampire on earth. FREE AMAZON KINDLE EBOOK TODAY

How to Clap in Time at Musical U

How to Clap in Time at Musical U For some, finding the beat can be as easy as hearing your heartbeat or breathing, but not everyone picks up on the pulse so easily. Maybe you’re that guy who can’t hear the rhythm and has two left feet, or the girl who always finds herself clapping on beats 1 and 3-ish when everyone else is jamming out on 2 and 4. Maybe you are a singer who has perfect pitch but can’t find beat 1. If that’s you, don’t worry! While it may seem like clapping in time is something you “should” already know how to do, with some ear training skills and a little bit of practice it is a quite learnable – and valuable – skill. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE:

FREE Kindle Ebook - Dark Science Fiction Fantasy Novel Libertaria Chronicles!

Sabrina Young Image Options Change Image Reposition Remove Image Hello My Amazing Fans!  It's been a crazy busy summer, and juggling our new baby with making music and film has been a tad bit crazy...ok, a LOT CRAZY! So I really appreciate your support and encouragement.  I need your help this weekend to help my dark dystopian series the Libertaria Chronicles to jump to the Top 10 at Amazon. It's super easy! Download the Libertaria Chronicles for FREE TODAY: Then SHARE with TEN of your FRIENDS via Social Media, E-mail, or even over a cup of Coffee! It's that EASY! And since many of you are also incredible musicians, my incredible songwriting book Composer Boot Camp 101 is also FREE this weekend on Amazon Kindle! Learn the basics of songwriting, composition, lyric writing, rhythm and more in 50+ practical music exercises. Als

The Wonderful Phenomenon of Terrible Lyrics at Musical U

The Wonderful Phenomenon of Terrible Lyrics at Musical U In the world of terrible, hilarious, or just-plain-weird lyrics, few bands have caused more uproar on Reddit threads – among fans and haters alike – than the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With gems like “ Low brow is how / swimming in the sound / of bow bow bow ” from “Suck My Kiss” or “ You’ve got your bit part Mozart / hot dart acceleration / pop art pistol chasin’ / cat fight intimidation ” from “Minor Thing”, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have definitely mastered the art of making the nonsensical sell concert tickets. Read the full article here: