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On May 1, 2015 UK Composer Lee Scott's innovative web opera The Village will break boundaries

Composer Lee Scott On May 1, 2015 UK Composer Lee Scott's innovative web opera The Village will break boundaries Be a Part of the The Village! An Interview with Lee Scott 1. Three words to describe your music: Collaborative, reflective, voice-driven  2. Who are your influences? I'm a guitarist first and foremost, so i'd name such figures as Chet Atkins , Frank Zappa , Brian May, Wes Montgomery , Django Reinhardt as influences. Jazz song convention and harmony certainly seems to find its way into my work one way or another, as can be heard in the many of the vocal lines in The Village. In terms of composers, I'm been drawn to music with an emotional underpinning, so works by Debussy, Puccini, but i'm also interested in dadaism and indeterminacy in a musical context so i'd include Satie, Stockhausen, Pousseur as loose inspirations. My everyday listening features Radiohead, Carpark North (Danish elect

HOT SAUCE Jazz Malletkat Solo - MACHINIMA - Sabrina Pena Young

IAWM CONCERT: New Living Machinima and Opera Presentation! :)

APRIL 13-19, 2015 IAWM Announces its 2015 International Congress: Women in Music Connect the World IAWM 20 th  Anniversary Congress 2015 13-19 April 2015 The International Alliance for Women in Music announces its 20 th -anniversary Congress 2015, to be held online, freely accessible to all with events available following a 24-hour GMT clock. Featured will be established and upcoming women professional and student composers, musicologists , music theorists , ethnomusicologists , educators, performers, and conductors who will contribute their knowledge and expertise online in performances, papers, workshops, demonstrations, and panel discussions. As we ascend the heights, share new discoveries, effect positive change, lead out, make appearances in new places, express music spirit-to-spirit, “Women in Music Connect the World.” As the title suggests, the Congress makes accessible the latest products in music of women’s work from around the globe, and offers them electronically

Sabrina Pena Young: "Urban Night: Sounds"

Bluesy jazz and machinima animation come to life in this new experimental concert by the virtual group Nano Ensemble 21, an entirely machinima ensemble that collaborates online to create new music. Their premier performance! :)

Sabrina Pena Young: "The Opera Heard Round the World"

Buffalo Concert: Circuit Bridges

APRIL 8th, 2015 Circuit Bridges Another exciting project with Vox Novus , Circuit Bridges attempts to unite  electroacoustic musicians  through collaborative concert events. Dr. Tomas Henriques at Buffalo State will be directing the innovative Digital Music Ensemble at this April event. Related articles Creative Summer: TedX Buffalo, Circuit Bridges, 60x60 Latin Mix, and Destiny: Eondwyr