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10 Classical Music Sheet Music for Quarantine, Virtual Recitals, Viral Videos During COVID19 - Sabrina Young Music

10 Classical Music Sheet Music for Quarantine, Virtual Recitals, Viral Videos During COVID19

With Covid 19, classical musicians worldwide are scrambling to find ways to share their craft, support new music, and engage with audiences. With this in mind, here are 10 exciting pieces that are ideal for this crazy Quarantine Lockdown world. 

These 10 pieces were chosen with these criteria in mind: 
  1. Relatively easy to play
  2. For solo, duet, or small ensemble
  3. Available online 
  4. Easy to download
Not only that, but if you download any of these compositions for your virtual recital, viral video, online concert, feel free to contact the composer Sabrina Peña Young directly at ( with your questions or just to tell her about the exciting ways you are virtually sharing your classical music with your audience. 

Enjoy this fun patriotic Space Force March written for piano. Ideal for student pianists, adult beginners, music educators, and professionals alike. Easy to play with a memorable tune. Ideal for any patriotic event, school functions, July 4th and more. Play the Space Force March at your next patriotic event. Space Force!

Lonely Mother Cry Lullaby for Alto and Piano

Sweet moving lullaby from groundbreaking animated opera film Libertaria by award-winning composer. A sad emotional waltz feel as the singer tells her child that she will never leave her. Simple, short, and quite beautiful. Intermediate/Advanced Student or Music Professional.

Mother Imagined for Soprano and Piano

A beautiful operatic solo for soprano from the groundbreaking animated opera Libertaria. Written by award-winning composer. Ideal for the Intermediate/Advanced student, college singer, or vocal professional. Quite heartwrenching and beautiful.

We are the Children Choir Song

This simple call and response piece is perfect for Virtual Choirs, children's choirs, and community choirs. Simple to learn, and inspired by traditional African American spirituals, I first wrote We are the Children to give my students hope despite the difficulties they faced each day living in urban Tampa. Written for 2 part but can be adapted. Improvisation is encouraged. 

Turtle Songs for Beginner Piano

Easy Piano solo, duet, and trio (with teacher) written for beginning piano students. Inspired by the movement of turtles in the water. A delightful and fun piece for any piano studio or recital. Simple to play, yet melodic and musical.

Theme for Young Love for Soprano, Flute, Piano

Beautiful romantic classical work for soprano, flute, and piano. A lovely wedding song or love song about a forgotten rose and a lost traveler. Ideal for recitals, concerts, pedagogy, or special events like weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day. First written for the composer's own wedding day in 2006 and republished later under the title "Song for the Forgotten Rose". 

Song of the Forgotten Rose Trio for Marimba, Flute and Piano

Beautiful song for flute, marimba and piano about love, romance, and a forgotten rose found by her hero. A wedding song. Mythical tale. Truly a lovely work for intermediate to advanced musicians. A perfect work of repertoire for any music studio! Ideal for pedagogy, performance, or special event. Award-winning composer. Quite an exceptional work!

Fluidity for Marimba Solo

Fluidity is a short 21st century marimba solo for the intermediate or advanced percussionist. Originally scored as an electronic work, the piece is now a stand-alone intricate marimba work open to improvisation and performer interpretation. The work is set up with a series of "gestures" in contrasting styles that the performer may embellish and improvise on to create a longer work and express their own musicality. First composed for Miami percussionist Teresa Flores. Written by award-winning Cuban-Dominican composer.

Space Force March Flute and Mallet Duet

Easy march for student flute and mallets (marimba, xylophone, Glock, or vibes) from the fun film "Welcome to Space Force". An energetic fun march for any patriotic occasion, school function, or concert hall performance. Composed by award-winning film composers Sabrina Peña Young. Appropriate for schools and student performers. Arranged for flute and mallet percussion. Feel free to arrange as needed given availability. Support Western New York indie filmmaking during with your purchase. 

Absolution for Voice and Piano

Dramatic musical theater work from the groundbreaking 21st century opera and film Libertaria. Written by an award-winning composer. In this excerpt, the addict Simeon laments the loss of his daughter Lucinde to an explosion that was of his doing. Along in the Underground Sewers he sings a bizarre personal reflection of remorse. Quite an unusual but excellent work! Ideal for any intermediate to advanced student, amateur or music professional. For male vocalist, ideal for Tenor or Baritone Voice.

Award-winning Cuban-American composer Sabrina Peña Young has a rich history of creating “groundbreaking” classical music with cutting edge works like the multimedia oratorio Creation, winner of the IAWM New Genre Prize, World Order #5 for percussion and multimedia, and collaborations with artists in Vox Novus 60×60 and Lee Scott’s interactive web opera The Village. In 2014 Young gave a TED Talk on her animated science fiction opera  “Libertaria”, the world’s first machinima opera. Sabrina Young is the author of the science fiction series The Libertaria Chronicles and Composer Boot Camp 101: 50 Exercises for Educators, Students, and Music Professionals, (available at AMAZON) and is in production for the animated film Spiritus. Young is a sought-after lecturer and writer on music technology, audio engineering, film music, composition/songwriting, film, social media, online collaboration, marketing, and contemporary music and is an advocate for new music. Sabrina Young is the Creative Director at Bandwidth Media & Film NY, a digital media and post production studio in Buffalo, New York. 



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